Thursday, November 24, 2005

Museveni’s speech accepting to be NRM leader
Wednesday, 23rd November, 2005

CHAIR: Museveni after he was declared NRM candidate
The National Resistance Movement (NRM) last week chose President Yoweri Museveni as party Chairman and presidential candidate for the March 2006 election. Below is an excerpt of his acceptance speech Honourable Members of the National Conference

I salute all of you for the confidence you have put in me by electing me as the National Resistance Movement Chairman for the next Kisanja (term) of five years as well as electing me as your presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections. I am ready, as in the past, to lead you in the two capacities.

I want, on your behalf, to salute the Honourable MPs of the Seventh Parliament that voted (wisely) for the lifting of presidential term limit provision of the Constitution. That provision (read:term limits) was not wise at all because the problems Africa faces are not always time-bound. We needed a flexible constitution to deal with those very strategic issues that are not time-bound. Your people in the South-West have a saying: “Otomize tahwa ikaranga(If your millet is not dry during the rainy season when you cannot put it in the sun to dry, you must keep on frying until it is dry enough for grinding into flour).” In other words, if a problem is not solved, you must keep on trying. We ( Read I am) are sure to win next year’s presidential elections because of the huge support we have in the whole country. We (Read I) need to consolidate and expand this support by eliminating all the unnecessary contradictions created by highlighting personal interests rather than always emphasizing the collective interest. Individual excellence in our war of resistance, nourished and propelled by mass support, enabled us to score the victories we achieved. That permutation is true today as it was in the past. Both individual excellence and mass support are needed in order to continue winning victories. One cannot do without the other.

And I add: Museveni is a GENIUS! There is no we! Its me and my swamp - Shrek

Uganda the Peril in Africa!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Uganda: The Unfolding Reality

An excerpt from the The East African of November 7th - 13th 2005 (The East African is published weekly by the Nation Media Group) ran a headline thus: Transition: Donors now commend Museveni and Ignore calls to freeze aid. The heasd of the EU delegation last week said the handling of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote's burial and the return of Dr. Besigye showed political maturity.

Now I can confidently add today that the Head of the EU Delegation to Uganda H.E Mr. Illing Signurd could have been very wrong. I have the conviction that he could have wished he never issued such a statement. Barely a fortnight after his hearsay, the same hunk was sweating and fanning himself miserably. The price of a doubting Thomas! He had to witness first hand that a Besigye who barely a week was at His Excellency's office was now in the dock being charged with TREASON, RAPE and another offence to do with concealment of information. And that this man Besigye had this I told you so attitude towards the Excellency! Your Excellency, the sun sets so early here in Uganda!

His Excellency Mr. Signurd Illing was not the only diplomat in court and witnessing. Let me inform: if you happen to come from the following countries: US, UK, Holland ( I like Van Persie and the Dutch Masters of Arsenal FC) and eleven other countries, my! my! your diplomat accredited to Uganda could not stand the heat in the same court. These diplomats were on national TV fanning themselves - and can you quess with what else!? newspapers!. I have never seen diplomats so crowded!

I however must credit these diplomats they yearned for the truth and endured the humid tropical heat in the Ugandan court - in the very word of Prof. Latigo: "The situation has improved, but improving does not mean all is well" - I hope everything gets well. Now the diplomats know a thing or two about Uganda!

The Giraffe sees so far! Dr. Besigye son of a Mr. Kifefe once proclaimed that he wouldn't be the son of Kifefe if Museveni does not (re)run for presidency come 2006! Many doubted him then. By the time you read this I can say the Dr. is indeed the dear true son of Mzee Kifefe! The Giraffe saw far! H.E General YK Museveni is reported to have picked nomination forms by the time you read this! He can legally stand for Presidency of the Republic of Uganda and Chaimanship of the NRMO! General Museveni confirmed Dr. Besigye's fears!

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has finally succumbed to pressure from NRM party members and picked nomination forms signaling his intention to contest for the Presidency in the 2006 polls. Get the details here.

The current situation doesn't need a giraffe! How sad for the giraffe to see hell approaching and yet can't rush into the rathole! He has been captured! I will update from a rathole. The giraffe is in safer custody langishing in a government jail!

A giraffee sees so far but rats are safer in the ratholes!
Can you believe Kampala witnessed commandos style activity at the High Court of Uganda!? And that four treason suspects could have been kidnapped from Uganda's Pensacola!? Just believe. Ok!?
...the handling of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote's burial and the return of Dr. Besigye showed political ironic!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Letter to Lady Liberty!

Henry Owera you are one of a kind. You are the ...est ...est whatever! Yak! Yak!

Now I hate flatterings and I translate them to be cynically tailored. If I am mistaken, then how about this: Katrina struck the US and death befell New Orleans. What could a poor country like Uganda do to help the bereaved Americans - do you thing donating some Ugandan Shillings was the wisest they could do!? A dream came to past because the Pearl of Africa "donated" to the World's Only Super Power - A donation to the United States of America!

Now I can't hate America. I love Uganda meanwhile. But J! Of all donations Uganda could afford, was money the thing to send to the grieving Americans!? George Bush must excuse me. I am not against donations to the US but how could Ugandans contribute a mere 0.00004% of whatever effort the states need and we also claim to have donated!?

Honestly, the best form of Aid Uganda could have sent the Americans should have been non monetary. If Uganda really wanted to show its concern for the US, believe me the best aid should have been "KYEYO"! Human labour was the thing to send to America! America had you wanted these, believe me the great seas wouldn't have hampered millions rolling down there - down there for refuge not to give you aid! I pray am not being sarcastic here! Home sweet home my hoof!

There are more problems home than Katrina has caused. Katrina victims have the hope things will get better but here the pearl of Africa the land ever green, people are starving. Lady Liberty, Ugandans are starving! Liberty, many Ugandans would have ran to the aid of Americans not to do anything serious in particular but to (r)aid them of their possessions! They could have robbed the katrina victims of the little possessions afloat!

I wouldn't term any monetary donatations from Uganda to the US anything near to AID! It was simply an investment! Investment! Its was a ground work for future begging! America! Ugandans scratched your back and they are looking forward to you scratching their backs! While you moaned, others saw the opportunity of flattering you! Believe you me, it was a gimmnick!

Friday, September 02, 2005

The Tsunami, Katrinas and Chopper

The Tsunami, Katrinas and Chopper of these day are becoming wanton. The Gods are playing with our lives yet I can demand a revolt. Eisten is much luckier.

A series of event have gone amiss and its sad we humans can hopelessly watch as things change our norm of life. I spent more than twenty years since I winked only to be hospitalised for the very first time because of a certain careless driver. I cursed and groaned but I will only appreciate what has remained of has hidden agenda for every bit of me and so you!

On behalf of the deities, I pay my condonlences to all who have remarkedly lost mothers and sisters, brothers and fathers. The victims of the Tsunami, the Katrina, and the tragic death of the John de Mabior Garang. R.I.P.

And to you who is reading this, thank your mercy you are alive. Life goes on.

Southern Sudan now looks up to the wisdon of Cmd. Salva Kiir Maryardit to fill a gap left - to create a new chain. Uganda awaits on providence as to what will become of the Pearl of Africa. We are almost there. Weep for the sons and daughters of Africa - tomorrow is so unpredicatable.

On the lighter note, surviving an accident bought me time to get to a newer level with a better you can quess whats and challenges. Thank you all who are postive. Owerahtiido - Hi. The weekend has kicked in and I demand to take you out right now. I wish i did so earlier. I hope ya in Naalya. - Its not bad to dream so allow me. Enjoy the milk and new place. I want to witness a Danish flag on ma site.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Rest In Peace, the broken link will mend!

Cdr Salva Kiir, Cdr Dr. John Garang (RIP), and Cdr Dr. Riek Machar

Friday, July 15, 2005

Vieira! Wenger!! Arsenal!

Gawaya David: Hahaha...ha, hehehe... Poor Arsenal! Vieira is boarding a plane to Italy and will not be back even after five whole years...ohohoh, hee hee hayhayhay! The whole team is up for sale! wenger may decide to sell himself as well!

This is not the news you wish to recieve early in the morning regarding your favourite Soccer team. A mockery of the system of soccer you even blindly adore. My MANU pal sent me this mockery. I is hard to forgive Wenger for allowing such an insult to my favourite club Arsenal!

Wenger has answers to sing to my eyes let alone convincing me if at all it were possible that Arsenal wont verse Viera in the Champions league tomorrow! I need a super vieira in Arsenal to be convinced let alone hitting MANU, Chelsea atleast three 7-0s Everton style! I lament but I await what our overall commander Wenger is upto otherwise a mutiny may be in the offing in the Arsenal squad! How possible is it to sell away your captain in the name of hoping!? Arsenal has literally done away with an era!

Whoever it is to replace Vieira had better be made known quickest before my prejudices kick in! My! my! my! Wenger and Arsenal have not only sold a whole Vieira but done away with job security more so that for Arsenal's Captain. Sol Campbell and or whoever it will be to replace Vieira had better know this!
I still trust Wenger but mister you have rocked my confidence in you! You better mend it ASAP!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My April 27th 2005 road accident

On a fateful Wednesday, the 27th April 2005, as I was heading for duty, I stared death in the eyes and it winked at me and I at it! I got involved in a nasty road motor accident and was hospitalised at Mulago Hospital Kampala for a week. This in part explains why I had nearly neglected updating this blog. I wasn't driving nor riding but it did happened. Am Shakur. Shakur is Arabic for: Grateful to God.

Death winked at me! and I at it!
I was rushing for an assignment and chose to ride on a commercial motorcycle - in Uganda they are called boda bodas. My Chauffeur and I, on that fateful day hit a Carib Toyota that suddenly strayed onto our path - it strayed a mere 10 - 15 meters and yet the apparent speed was 50 KPH plus. We were on the main but the Carib that was oncoming chose to turn right into us. In Uganda motorist keep left. We had right of way. But I would dare say the driver of the Carib was disrespectful of other road users - us. And so a wink.

My chauffeur couldn't avoid the collision but luckily it wasn't a head on collision. I say death winked at me. I could see the accident approaching and instinctively, I organised a diving stunt over the Carib at the incident of our motorcycle hitting the Carib. It was well hatched instinctive plan - in my opinion and it was the best. Am 6 1' and 102 kg (about 220 pounds) and athletic so a diving spree over a motor vehicle and rolling on a hard surface tarmac was was the better option to colliding with the vehicle its self - so I wished but my fate was already sealed. I would put our speed at about 40KPH and for the vehicle at about 15 KPH so the effectiveness of my preparations were determined by a hell approaching at an apparent speed of over 50 K pH. Red.

The collision

What would one expect!? - The collision was RED! That would be my honest assessment of the ordeal. I don't remember how it happened and other details. But it happened. But one thing for sure, I hit the Carib and there was blood. Not all causes of death is painful! But I was able to predict my near death in my previous posting and a 2Pac Shakur poem: In the Event of my demise.

I am indebted
to those flattering good samaritans who helped a stranger to be able to update this blog. I will try to be good to others so help me oh you the Omnipotent one. Am Shakur! And NOT Tupac Amaru Shakur aka Makaveli! Am only being grateful to him who is above.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Selected Tupac Poems

RIP my bro, there's a heaven for a g.
In the event of my demis
In The Event Of My Demise
In the event of my Demise
when my heart can beat no more
I Hope I Die For A Principle
or A Belief that I had Lived 4
I will die Before My Time
Because I feel the shadow's Depth
so much I wanted 2 accomplish
before I reached my Death
I have come 2 grips with the possibility
and wiped the last tear from My eyes
I Loved All who were Positive
In the event of my Demise
- 2pac

In the depths of solitude
In The Depths Of Solitude
I exist in the depths of solitude
pondering my true goal
Trying 2 find peace of mind
and still preseerve my soul
CONSTANTLY yearning to be accepted
and from all receive respect
Never compromising but sometimes risky
and that is my only regret
A young heart with an old soul
how can I be in the depths of solitude
when there R 2 inside of me
This Duo within me causes
the perfect opportunity2 learn
and live twice as fast
as those who accept simplicity

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A thin line btn love and confusion!? - Or is it abt the persona!?

A love that I want, will never be mine,
A love that I seek will never come with time.
A love that haunts me, and calls out my name,
A love that is confused, and its love that I blame.
A love split by two, a love split by lust,
A love like this I would never be able to trust.

But love nonetheless, is what draws me.

Why do we want something that can hurt so bad.
In the end we must end up happy or sad.
With a risk like that its hard to choose,
With decisions like this its easy to get confused.
If I win or loose, its up to the heavens,
“In life you have three great ones” I’m already on seven!
-Omar Marin

Monday, April 18, 2005

My Niles

My Niles
The River Nile: Ever eaten a Nile Crocodile or a Nile perch!? You hate of the beauty on the Nile. Its a new rumour am inventing -the Biblical Eden must have been watered by the Nile. Please spread this rumour. The Nile is that vein that pumps blood to the heart. I remember my Sciences well - Its the Plum... something vein! I travelled the stretch from Kampala through the great Murchison Falls and kaalas! I saw the beauty. A sultan must be envying what they can't get off the Nile. Sultan only my hoof - even Europeans, Americans, Asian, Australians and Africans you are not spared! I see them all trying to steal a piece of the Nile. If you are a tourist and haven't been a Nile republic, please consider your self a non tourist and please when you come remember to tell this blog.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My world: Pope; Camilla charles; Obote and M7!

Dr. John Paul II
The pope died and was buried. I mourn him, not really as a pope but more so as a humane person. RIP. Dr. Pope John Paul II life taught me a phenomenon. If the whole pope visited a mosque, wasn't that an example enough for lay Christains to feel free and also have a go to Mecca!? The Dr. also visited Mahatma Ghandi's and only one thing comes out clearly: -Regardless of religious affliation, some men are worthy being in heaven men like the Mahatma's, like Dr. (POPE) John Paul II, etc had crross cutting values. I have attended Catholic services, been in a Pentacoastal and Protestant Churches. One thing which differentiats them all are not their values but man made practices and concieved rituals. In my view these man mades are nothing but derailants! AND I REFUSE TO BE BOGGED BY THEM! I long for a day when we shall not have to identify our selves as Christians (Even saying that one is a christian isn't enough. You have to either say you are a Catholic or Protestant or Pentacoatal or even Baptist for that matter!), nor as Muslims, nor Buddhist, etc. All these have common values which seem to be what our creator and God wants.

Charles weds Camilla
You divorce your wife and the beauty dies and you remarry a woman who divorced her military husband. Well they are now pronounced husband and wife! England! I can't rule out needing a Bristish visa oneday! Congs Charles!

Obote to return to Uganda. M7: He must answer some charges
Obote (then President of Uganda in the 1980s but now disposed and living in exile) fought the insurgency of M7 (Gen. Museveni then a rebel commando and commander of the NRA but now the Pres. of Uganda). The big stage was a the Luwero Triangle! Thousands of the population there lost their lives. Now Obote wants to return. And M7 has made his views known: You must answer some charges.

See it this way: Please only imagine! PSE! Ok, M7 (Pres.) fights Joseph Kony (LRA - These ones are Dreaded REBELS!). The battle field is Northern Uganda. Thousands have now died and counting! GOD FORBID! Kony overthrows the government of a Col. (So they wish!) and Kony now President demands of M7 to answer charges at the battle field of Northern Uganda!

Did you notice some thing. I would again put it thus: When two elephants fight, its the grass that suffers. In Uganda's politicing today, the victor is president and the loser must answer charges!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back in kampala, Uganda

My trip to Maridi came to an end. My leave ended and i have to resume. I must admit I was as anxious to return to Kampala as I was anxiuos to head to NS. Either way it was sweet. Its like heading for news and actually telling the news!
Well I returned to Kampala safely and to the very arms of a you - can - quess - who. Yes she met me before I could begin watching the legs of Kampalans. I love you Kin.
I returned and kept my head cool, resumed some work and caught up and visited a near name shake and a friend - one Henry Owora a computer administrator at Ntinda, Kampala. And there was this challenger - the bigger dreamer of them all - Slyvia. I listened to this lady donning an Arsenal Cap and was like kalaas! this world and moreso Uganda still has chances of toppling Oprah. Well Slyvia has concieved a mega plan of providing Ugandans with some literatures. I won't name the title or hint on its contents but if all goes well, Ugandans will be reading unique literature published by a civil engineer! - Should we call this miseducation or the so much cherised versatility!? Come May, Slyvia am waiting for my free copies of the Fame Magazine!

I will remember to owerahbit my experiences in the Sudan but now that Jesus is about to die and resurrect, I have to revise my dreams. I need a HUMVEE. The real HUMMER H3. Visit the official HUMMER website by clicking here. A golf is not worth it! Revise ya dreams and match us!

Maridi - oh beautiful Maridi

Maridi! I know i will love love Maridi -The Maridi of New Sudan. Maridi And am seriously considering naming one of my daughters (to be) - Maridi. Any objections are entertained but not welcome. Have a look at who her nameshake would be. Kin you have a say though.
I didn't make it to Maridi Town but I pray it make one day. Have a look somebody is every inch Maridi! Do a Google Image Search for Maridi Thompson. She is the bomb!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

In Yei, Southern Sudan - New Sudan

The coils begin to unfold
I am finally in Yei, Southern Sudan. Yei for long had been the stronghold of the SPLA forces of John Garang fighting the Arab Government in Northern Sudan. Sudan means the land of black people in Arabic - ask any Arab! Its the Biblical Cush. I think even Egypt not the one demarcated by colonialist - is also in Sudan! So the great pyramids should have been built by the Cushites or the Sudanese for that matter. Some pyramids are found in the Sudan!

After 20 years am begining to trace our family history. I hope to owerahbit it here some day.

In reaching Yei, I passed through former valleys of death - spots of instensive battles between the SPLA and the North Sudan governments forces, the LRA clashes and the Juma Oris battle field. I could still see bits of uniforms of fallen "enemy" forces - white clothes here and there and all over and the sole SPLA tank that got destroyed when Kaya and Yei got captured - That tank is in the bushes but I thinks its worth thousand of dollars. That tank lies with it all the symbolism of heroism. I wish I could keep that tank for its reeks of courage, of a war that was won because the 'rebels' were simply RIGHT! While I was there, the LRA rebels again attacked some villages in the Sudan. The same group caused havoc in Northern Uganda about the same week.
Yei: Every Southern Sudanese must have ever been to Yei!
From New Sudan Kaya - most children there trek to Kaya Uganda side every morning for primary Education, to Bazi - MTN Uganda and Celtel Uganda Networks can be accessed at a apoint of a lone tall timber - to Morobo where a Mango tree less than a stone throw away is a meaningless border check point in Congo -meaningless I suppose because they guards surely drink their waters in the Sudan, eat in Sudan and possibly their commander sleeps in the Sudan!) There is no resisting Yei. All roads seems to yield towards Yei. Its the heart of developing New Sudan. Yei this time is much cooler than I had been caused to anticipate. The nights were chilling. The rains began on our arrival and its likely to remain rainy and intensify in September to December. In the whole of Uganda where I lived, I have never seen a place so green, ok the streets so littered with Mango trees like I have witnessed in Yei. One literally passes through a canopy of Mango tree branches from all corners. These tress provide shelter to population of Yei and ofcourse food. I was told of a Dinka who claimed that he eats about 80 Mangoes a day during the mango season (which will resume in March-April). The lands are so fertile and well the Tig trees which provide quality timber to Europe is plenty less as plantations but more as wild. The roads are being upgraded and hopefully tarmaced. Environmetalists, politicians, historians and the heros of NS should consider protecting the Mango trees along the mainstreets of Yei. Yei is one but the beauty of the Sudan must be protected. I don't know the decision they will take about these canopies but the demarcation on the roads seem to direct the caterpillars and graders to fell them all! Hear this: Some mature Mango trees have never been eaten from - by human beings atleast. I dare say more than 50% of the manages are being wasted annually.
The Cost of being
Mangoes are literally free (when the seasons come) unless you can't pick a fresh one from the trees on the compound you live! Accommodation is 10,000 Uganda Shs per night - about Us$ 4 in a cottage ofcourse. A bottle of Soda 300ml costs 1,000 UgShs. And the beers is annoyingly cheaper at 1300 Ug. Shs. A Kilo of beans and that of Meat is 1,000 Ugx! How can meat rival beans - eh sorry I meant the vice versa. Well the people are just learning to eat beans! Meat is in plenty and milk is a reserve for the Dinkas who keep cattle! Well its their livelihood besides blood! Internet time cost per minute is annoying! In Yei, Its affordable and avoidable and vice versa.
The Kololoing of Maridi
Kololo is Acholi for alone. When Rwot Awich of the Acholi land was captured by the British colonialist In British protectorate Of Uganda for opposing colonialism, he was imprisoned one one of Kampala hills in Buganda Kingdom. The British allowed some of his chiefs to visit him and when he was asked how he was he replied sadly and bitterly thus: at kololo. Literally meaning am lonely! Today the hill has been named Kololo. This hill has become the residence hill of the greats in Kampala. It has for long been the place to live in Kampala. And what about the possibility of Kololoing in the Sudan, in Maridi!
In a short while I will be deeper in the Sudan at the very bossom of beautiful Maridi (So I thought!) I didn't reach Maridi! (Sob! sob!). I must make it to Maridi the next time I travel to NS. I would wish to return here ASAP! The opportunities are there and I wish I could work and live here. The hard bits is that road transport is unreliable. The commonest means of transport is whats nicknamed "Sahara" which in Arabic means the wizard! Other means are available but not at ones' convinience and timetable! Ok there is air transport to all the major counties in NS but abit expensive (by my standards). But nothing can hinder the plot so well concieved by a great son of the land and also my host. I am lucky to be in the comfort of a 4x4 Surf thanks to him who among other answers who is a Musician, Composer, Poet and a Quitarist: - Africano. (Thanks akillion. I wish I could play your song the way you do!). I will be in Maridi one day!
The worry
The destruction of Yei street Mangos burns in me.
There is alot to be done in the NS! Internet time here is 200Ugshs per min In Uganda its 20shs per min! Cya.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Am anticipating an adventure

Yes the word is adventure. I asked for leave from my work place and it was approved. Am on leave for three weeks. And YES I want to travel to places and find something to do. Am heading to Maridi NS after a whole 20 years ( I was six when we left Maridi in the NS. I wouldn't mind anything challenging and am out to it. I want to go 'Northern Uganda'. After ages of war and unstability, the north is calmer and am off and daring the rebels of the Lords (my foot) Resisitance Army LRA. The LRA have made the worst headlines in Ugandan history and its a high time they remembered that we need to develope Uganda also. But "Cush" is my destination and a similar message to her friends upnorth. If the blog is not updated in about that time consider a break down in communication but one thing I hope to owerahbit are the experiences and memories of a six year old who returns to former play grounds as and told by a 20+ year old.
The plot goes:
  • NS destination Maridi
  • Make the most of contacts along the was (and make a rich collection of friends too!)
  • Trace former peers and find out what they are doing ( some are now called Commanders)
  • Ofcourse cast nets left and right
  • Enjoy the advenure
  • Remember to owerahbit


Sunday, February 20, 2005

But what a monologue! Ensler!

Stop musing.
Its not about the owerahbits but a rare kind of a monologue. The V-monologogue. Don't expect me to write it on my website. The Government of Uganda has refused - yes the word is REFUSED to have the play staged.
But with todays' world, its so easy - the whole play can be done online! ehe ehe ehe. Will somebody send me excerpts about the play (Online sources only!) Next time Enslers should think twice about the way they package the information - the monologues has been packaged distastefully (By Uganda's standard and For God and My country, me too!).

Thursday, February 10, 2005

How come earth is hell several times?

Most people can be good samaritans NEW YORK, Feb. 9 (UPI)
--A survey of U.S. doctors and the general public has found 98 percent of bothgroups said they would stop to help accident victims.
The survey, of 1,027 physicians and 1,435 members of the public nationwide,was conducted by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies and HCD Research.
The surveyors gave participants in the two groups an accident scenario -- a driver swerving to avoid a wild animal crashes into a tree -- and then asked whether they would stop to help.
Generally, support for compassionate behavior was uniformly strong across all political and religious groups, they said. Political or religious affiliation made no significant difference in the willingness of doctors andthe public to help people in distress.
They also found 99 percent of those who attend worship services weekly and 98 percent of those who never attend services were willing to help.
The public should find comfort in the fact that, fear of lawsuits and personal risk not withstanding, so many doctors and fellow citizens are ready to act as Good Samaritans, said Alan Mittleman, director of the institute.
© UPI, Headline News Powered by

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I was running insane

Migraine! Migraine! and Migraine! Its a high time along time medication for
this hell is got once and for all!. Wednesday I was running insane because
of migraine. My head ached and my eyes cracked!

What do I have for today! - Among other routines, The PERI registration!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My blog is enhanced!

Today I made sure I had a near state of the art enhanced blog - by my standards ofcourse!
My blog has a guest book, post all you wish to. It has a guest map - tell me where you are on planet earth, break a rib with a weird news headlline and a daily cartoon-! When your done, remember to post a card to colleagues - All these features are incorporated in my blog! Ofcourse you may eavesdrop my world.

My! my! I only miss one other feature and It hurt me that I couldn't read the French. It
really hurts! I will make friends with any French speaking person just to decode this service for you my guests because i have the code but the instructions are in French je soi malade!

If you didn't comment, post, clicked, searched, pinned, read and neither
viewed my profile and told me about your blog, say you haven't been to my
blog. Deny it. So you better get hurrying!

Friday, January 28, 2005

How abt you!? - Tell me about any / your blogs

Today has been a hell of a day for me. Today I read an article that alleged that there are some
people who cant feel pain!!! My my my i wish I was part of that rarity! Is it possible for a toddler to farcture a leg and feel nothing!?

My day begun uglily and this could be my second worst Friday. I wish to dance the whole weekend but damningly I have learnt not to cry foul in Januaries. Come Feb!
I was pondering about my newly created weblog - How many weblogs are Ugandan and to what extent and how have Ugandans, individuals and institutions alike made use of this 21st Centuary phenomenon. How about other countries? According to Blogwise, Uganda has two submitted and approved blogs! ( Dare fret - owerahbits isn't one of those!) - Kenya has 9 and the sudan has 01! I dare say the phenomenon of blogging hasn't been exploited in Uganda and Africa. I wish to make a collection of Ugandan blogs. Help me find more Ugandan blogs. Post it here and i will go phew!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Today I created my first blog!

Welcome to my web blog. Yes I have until todate created a blog! Am going to test the phenomenon of blogging and life should never be the same! Am now called a blogger!