Friday, January 28, 2005

How abt you!? - Tell me about any / your blogs

Today has been a hell of a day for me. Today I read an article that alleged that there are some
people who cant feel pain!!! My my my i wish I was part of that rarity! Is it possible for a toddler to farcture a leg and feel nothing!?

My day begun uglily and this could be my second worst Friday. I wish to dance the whole weekend but damningly I have learnt not to cry foul in Januaries. Come Feb!
I was pondering about my newly created weblog - How many weblogs are Ugandan and to what extent and how have Ugandans, individuals and institutions alike made use of this 21st Centuary phenomenon. How about other countries? According to Blogwise, Uganda has two submitted and approved blogs! ( Dare fret - owerahbits isn't one of those!) - Kenya has 9 and the sudan has 01! I dare say the phenomenon of blogging hasn't been exploited in Uganda and Africa. I wish to make a collection of Ugandan blogs. Help me find more Ugandan blogs. Post it here and i will go phew!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Today I created my first blog!

Welcome to my web blog. Yes I have until todate created a blog! Am going to test the phenomenon of blogging and life should never be the same! Am now called a blogger!