Monday, March 31, 2008

Rocking the boat

I think ICT for Development is hocus pocus. Treachery of the highest order. Period. ICT in development seems better. The ICT industry is the most lucrative man made industry on planet earth. Has an African country or African private sector created one? Why haven't we?

Hi Malaysia and Singapore, how did you accomplish it? You embedded it I quess. This business of spending hoplessly on information systems whose failures are so obvious is a waste of African opportunities to have ICT in development.
Information Systems designed in New York, partially financed by the bank, and implemented in one of Africa's rural areas for reasons because but not local, is nothing but pathetic. Oh yes, the Consultant who came from abroad, show me your systems analysis report. Are there ICT projects that was ever cancelled midway in Africa and the foreign consultant took credit.

I think I hate presidential elections in Africa. What Africa needs is leadershipand just not a popular fellow to preside over a system so rotten as most African states are. Something is wrong with African democratisation processes.
Look at Zimbabwe. Some body not will soon be the president but certainly not a leader for that hopeless economy. This business of creating H.Es i.e. Horrible Excellencies who presdie over Africa's demise should stop. Hi Mwai. Hi. I have no tribe, I am Sudanese! I like that blogger! A Sudanese.

I long for that day the phrase I have no tribe will be a mantra in Africa and similar place with tribes. No tribes please. Tribalism in Africa is divisive and so are the religions. I have no religion, I belong to God. Ruhanga in Rukiga, Obanga in Luo, Rabuna in Southern Sudan, Allah in Arabic, Jah for the Ras, ... whatever name you call that suprema, I hate religion and love God.

Those who like me are like me, and I like them pun that. We are similar and true we eventaully become friendly to each other. And those who love me? I love you too. I have no tribe. I have no religion. I am from Africa. Am I in denial? Information systems should be local in its demand, and design. Africa with African solutions.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Broken news: Governance in Southern Sudan

SPLA's General Salva kiir Mayardit has met with the governors of the ten states that make up Southern Sudan. The speakers of the respective states parliaments are also meeting. The premises of the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly is a no go zone to many. Not invited!

Notably at the governors forum is the first female (not woman!) governor of Western Equatoria State. She also happens to be the first female governor in Southern Sudan! Her Excellency, Jemma Nunu Kumba. Congratulations! What a women's field day it must have been! But to those 'men' in Southern Sudan who think their manhood could have disappeared, one would advise them nor to panic. You are still males and she is the governor! Give her due respect! R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Respect.

I don't know the definition of a man nor that of a woman. I am gender aware. Thanks to WOUGET. I still have that certificate! And I still recall, when after the Gender and ICT policy workshop break in Hotel Africa, Mr. Aramanzan Madanda asked all of us spell the words "Man and Woman" using our waists! It was an exercise indeed - males and females spelling with their waist! Anyway, I have the cert. and its in my Cv! Oh yes, the sterotyping is giving way! It is a new reality.

Back to Southern Sudan. Of all those governors Gen. Salva met, I will point out the governor of Jonglei State! Lt. Gen. Eng. Kuol Manyang Juuk! Let me quote from the Sudan Tribune Website:
Women in Jonglei state will enjoy 50% reduction on charges related to business and maximum protection from women rights violation, ....
... Governor Kuol declared outlining that this will help women to feed their children, educate them, maintain good health status but not for alcohol.

... also assured women of maximum protection against early - forced - expensive marriages, oppression, domestics work loads and assaults ...
Oh yes, there is somebody who gets things moving in Jonglei State, in Southern Sudan! No child shall be seen herding cattle in Jonglei State. All must go school! No more tribal skirmishes state.
Anybody well conversant with Southern Sudan knows that this one general means what he says!

Your excellency, I support you many a times! Down with tribalism. Down with corruption. Down with nepotism. To the health of a nation, and a people, keep up the good fight. Salva, the people's are entrusted with you.

Hey! I am not a public relations executive for anybody in Southern Sudan! Nor is Pernille the Marketing Executive for Tanzania! even if Louder than Swahili! We express ourselves!

Let me quote

Manyang also warned Bor’s population that any intimidation of town surveyors by armed men would not go unpunished.

On separate development, religious leaders of Bor-Murle joined hands in Bor town in calling peace between two communities.
Bor (a place and home to some Dinkas and the late Cdr. Garang) and the Murle people are in Jonglei State.

There is leadership in Southern Sudan. To the newly appointed governor of Western Equatorial State, I say you have to cause development where others failed! You have to bring an end to tribalism which is otherwise ruining the former golf courses of the colonialists in Maridi, and Western Equatorial State.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Women's Day!

A general will baby sit your world. You will keep a nation busy and focused. That picture will say it better! All eyes on you

This picture from the New Vision could go along way into becoming the picture of the year in Uganda - thanks to Women's Day when I could not post a thing, another fellow saw it through the lens of his camera!

A General, a president, the commander in chief of the Uganda People's Defence Force, H. E Yoweri Museveni baby sitting. A hand shake with a prime minister. A large audience watching! A young mother smiling. Women's Day!

President Yoweri Museveni found himself doing some babysitting as Golden Girl Dorcus Inzikuru greeted Prime Minister Apollo Nsibambi at the Women’s Day celebrations at Kololo on Saturday. The former world champion and reigning Commonwealth Games 3000m steeplechase queen gave birth to Emmanuella Munguci on December 27 and hopes to be back in time for the Beijing 2008 Olympics

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Southern Sudan SPLM Convention and the marginalised of the marginalised

Let the mayflies roam. Let the mayflies dance! Let it be known. SPLM show your shades! What itches you? Why should they admire you? Why should they adore you? What was the battle about? What do the two strips in you flag remind you of? What about the red? Do you need some more stripes? How clean is your house? Is it clean? What do you want come 2011 when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) expires? Reform and create the New Sudan or split as you have never been accorded citizenry by the colonial Anglo - Egyptian condominium that ruled what became the Khartoum establishment and thought the southern was part and parcel of the snobbery.

The Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) convention will take place in May 2008! Venue? Planet Southern Sudan. Period. Whereas the autonomous Southern Sudan government will hold its breath while the convention takes place, in Darfur, the genocide will be a side dish, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) might be clashing with Gen. Bashir's Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in oil rich Abeyi region, the southern roads will still be pathetic, the Toposa tribal chiefs will threaten to scatter their gold if for a noble cause but save a referral hospital that has healed thousands. Is SPLM separatist or for unity of the Sudanese people? What is New Sudan? Was she an hallucination?

SPLM, where is Darfur in the New Sudan Vision that captivated many? Do you still have the marginalised of the marginalised in your midst! Western Equatorial State (WES) the land of plent and beauty, a marginalised Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services; the marginalised of the marginalised - the directorate of telecommunications and ICT which marginalised we know are worth millions of dollars. Where was the love! What was the cause? What is in the menu for the convention? What for those in the diaspora? Where is your website? What for the jobless youth who might be retired earliest? What about the demobilised combatants who were in Congo in 1954 under that big tree and eaters of game, those of the gallant sons, daughters and mothers who now grace the beggars lists? Ah! I forgot! And those who walked bare feet till Ethiopia to launch the cause?

I love your SUVs the Land Cruiser VX, the GX, the Humvee oh yes the life style, the green buck and the pounds. True the CPA put an end to the war, but hasn't the revolution miscarriaged?
Come May 2008! Where are the Sudanese bloggers? Let the mayflies free. Let it be known that there is a motto thus: Unity, Equality and Progress

And yet I must love you.