Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sudan a la carte

Whether she is served as Kush, or Sudan, Darfur, Southern Sudan, but New Sudan, the fact is that his part of the world is hot and also cool; dry and and also wet! Lying astride the hot Sahara desert and also the cool and wet Congo basin, she is a mini Africa even if her daughters, and mothers bleach to alter her systems! Get Sudan a la carte!

Juba is a very large surveyed village! Khartoum is better and six times bigger than the greater Kampala, Darfur is in the desert, Maridi County, in Western Equatorial State, the bride of the Sudan! With Oil, Diamonds, Gold, Timber, name it, Sudan is a true a version of Africa! And so her people bleach!

Today, I saw a vehicle! I saw her lights! But I heard a sound and was terrified at the way she was being driven! An old ambulance rushing meaninglessly and dangerously true! And as such, the motor vehicles simply rev and Stop! Anywhere. Parking is stopping even in the middle of the streets - my hoof, and at the bend of round abouts! Children, some as old as 15 years old, rev their senke commercial motor cycle away! So they make their money! And so do contractors needlessly block public roads.

The Sudan! Sudanese? Why After all, many of your own, don't know you. Your children deny your skin and so bleach hopelessly! With three governments, two presidents, dozens of armies, thousand generals and counting, why not give the New Sudan a chance? The New Sudanese are are a reality.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tale of two generals: Bashir and Salva Kiir

Its over a fortnight since one general called on his cadres to prepare for war! Gen. Umar Bashir literally called upon his citizens to prepare for war against (the forigners of?) Southern Sudan! Mr. Bashir, Four decades, killing and drinking the blood of your own is nothing but cruelity of the highest order! You are not worthy the presidency!

One week later, another Gen. Salva returns from the Bush of the US! Dodging Khartoum and gliding through Nairobi, Kenya he lands in Juba international airport to a hero's welcome! Not with the ululation of the women! Juba was literally paralysed. Riding atop a Landcruiser toyota, waving at the marginalised of the marginalised, he looks like the better leader for whole of Sudan come 2011. Long live the Vision of New Sudan!

Salva didn't disappoint. His tone was that of a general truelly tired of war. (Southern) Sudan nolonger wants to spill more blood! But then, a mosquito bites him reminding him that the Yambio incident in which a general, a colonel and a major were killed in cold blood by his very own, could derail all past comradeships!

Present two generals, and am convinced one is a warmonger and the other is a leader. Let the citizen say! Come 2011! Salam Taki, Salam Tai! Your peace ( is) my peace!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ms. Margaret Orech's Story

One wonder woman, one wonder lady, one wonder mum, her incredible story! I long for the day her story will be written! It must be written! I am proud to be her son. God will make a way where there seems to be no way ... goes her favourite song and belief! Bakata, never indulge in worries! She would often tell me!

Back in 1985, one lady, her three sons. Your truelly the eldest then six years old and right now in Juba, Southern Sudan, James four years Old then, now in Yorkshire North England, and David, then the baby, two years old and now student in university. The last born, Esther is studying in Algeria.

In 1985, when the rumours the Anyanya 2 /SPLA /M insurgency in the east was threatening to engulf the better part of Southern Sudan, circumstances forced her to single handedly smuggle her children from southern Sudan, through Congo and into Uganda. Its is a tale to be told! She was captured, and tormented by the Sudanese police in Yei, but managed to smuggle herself and her three children to freedom and eventually .... It is a story!

Come the year 1999! Tragedy befell her! An ambush by the LRA of Joseph Kony sent her to the abyss of life! Robbed, ... and amputated, she was to get back into business ...
Amman, 18 November 2007- Members of the International Campaign to Ban
Landmines (ICBL) from over 60 countries are participating in the Eighth
Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty, starting today by the
shores of the Dead Sea in Jordan. During the meeting, over 1,000 delegates
from governments, international agencies and civil society will discuss
progress in the implementation of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, which prohibits
the use, production, stockpiling and trade of antipersonnel mines.

Ms. Margaret Arach Orech, Ambassodor of International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Monday, November 05, 2007

Salam Taki: Yambio, Western Equatorial State

Now blogging from Juba, Southern Sudan. Salam Taki! The mood is not so handsome. Western Equatorial State!

I travelled from Kampala to Juba by road and private means and had my patience severely tested! Horrible road networks on the Arua-Koboko-Oraba-Bazi-Morobo-Yei-Lanya-Juba route wasn't a joy ride.

But after a week in Southern Sudan and as one writes now, some uncouth soldiers from the joint Intergrated Unit (JIU) comprising armed forces of the SPLA and Sudan Armed Forces, on Sunday November 2007, clashed and exchanged live bullets with the police in Yambio Western Equatorial State, Southern Sudan and killed among others, a Major, a Colonel and a Brig. General!

The result is a dampening mood among (Western) Euatorians in Juba because the cause for the clashed was much trivial and great potential leadership was wasted needlessly. In this part of the world, life is water!

The plight of the people of Western Equatoria State need to be readdressed urgently least the hard earned relative peace the people of Southern Sudan are enjoying could effectively laid to waste. And remember the feared LRA rebels of Joseph Kony are in Western Equatorial too. Salam Taki

Hotel Oscar, Alpha Bravo, ... I can read you clearly! But bear with me. Salam Taki