Thursday, May 03, 2012

Illogics of Sudan Panthou Heglig wars

Best article I have read about the conflict of the Sudan. I highly recommend the article: Conflict in Sudan: The logic of war and the current illogical response.

A Creamer Media reporter, Jens W Pedersen pens it far better than the "logic of War" Thambo Mbeki - so much for being so narrow minded about Sudanese history. 

Well, Jens has the most logical alternative to the impasse: 
"Perhaps it is time to mobilise the parties which facilitated and sponsored the CPA, which through a concerted effort managed to carve out an historic deal. Rather than ad-hoc, issue-specific and snap-shot negotiations, a more bold approach is needed that conquers the issues that led to the abandonment of the CPA and its stalemate."
Kudos to Jens W Pedersen for the article.