Friday, February 25, 2005

Am anticipating an adventure

Yes the word is adventure. I asked for leave from my work place and it was approved. Am on leave for three weeks. And YES I want to travel to places and find something to do. Am heading to Maridi NS after a whole 20 years ( I was six when we left Maridi in the NS. I wouldn't mind anything challenging and am out to it. I want to go 'Northern Uganda'. After ages of war and unstability, the north is calmer and am off and daring the rebels of the Lords (my foot) Resisitance Army LRA. The LRA have made the worst headlines in Ugandan history and its a high time they remembered that we need to develope Uganda also. But "Cush" is my destination and a similar message to her friends upnorth. If the blog is not updated in about that time consider a break down in communication but one thing I hope to owerahbit are the experiences and memories of a six year old who returns to former play grounds as and told by a 20+ year old.
The plot goes:
  • NS destination Maridi
  • Make the most of contacts along the was (and make a rich collection of friends too!)
  • Trace former peers and find out what they are doing ( some are now called Commanders)
  • Ofcourse cast nets left and right
  • Enjoy the advenure
  • Remember to owerahbit


Sunday, February 20, 2005

But what a monologue! Ensler!

Stop musing.
Its not about the owerahbits but a rare kind of a monologue. The V-monologogue. Don't expect me to write it on my website. The Government of Uganda has refused - yes the word is REFUSED to have the play staged.
But with todays' world, its so easy - the whole play can be done online! ehe ehe ehe. Will somebody send me excerpts about the play (Online sources only!) Next time Enslers should think twice about the way they package the information - the monologues has been packaged distastefully (By Uganda's standard and For God and My country, me too!).

Thursday, February 10, 2005

How come earth is hell several times?

Most people can be good samaritans NEW YORK, Feb. 9 (UPI)
--A survey of U.S. doctors and the general public has found 98 percent of bothgroups said they would stop to help accident victims.
The survey, of 1,027 physicians and 1,435 members of the public nationwide,was conducted by the Louis Finkelstein Institute for Religious and Social Studies and HCD Research.
The surveyors gave participants in the two groups an accident scenario -- a driver swerving to avoid a wild animal crashes into a tree -- and then asked whether they would stop to help.
Generally, support for compassionate behavior was uniformly strong across all political and religious groups, they said. Political or religious affiliation made no significant difference in the willingness of doctors andthe public to help people in distress.
They also found 99 percent of those who attend worship services weekly and 98 percent of those who never attend services were willing to help.
The public should find comfort in the fact that, fear of lawsuits and personal risk not withstanding, so many doctors and fellow citizens are ready to act as Good Samaritans, said Alan Mittleman, director of the institute.
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Thursday, February 03, 2005

I was running insane

Migraine! Migraine! and Migraine! Its a high time along time medication for
this hell is got once and for all!. Wednesday I was running insane because
of migraine. My head ached and my eyes cracked!

What do I have for today! - Among other routines, The PERI registration!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My blog is enhanced!

Today I made sure I had a near state of the art enhanced blog - by my standards ofcourse!
My blog has a guest book, post all you wish to. It has a guest map - tell me where you are on planet earth, break a rib with a weird news headlline and a daily cartoon-! When your done, remember to post a card to colleagues - All these features are incorporated in my blog! Ofcourse you may eavesdrop my world.

My! my! I only miss one other feature and It hurt me that I couldn't read the French. It
really hurts! I will make friends with any French speaking person just to decode this service for you my guests because i have the code but the instructions are in French je soi malade!

If you didn't comment, post, clicked, searched, pinned, read and neither
viewed my profile and told me about your blog, say you haven't been to my
blog. Deny it. So you better get hurrying!