Friday, February 25, 2005

Am anticipating an adventure

Yes the word is adventure. I asked for leave from my work place and it was approved. Am on leave for three weeks. And YES I want to travel to places and find something to do. Am heading to Maridi NS after a whole 20 years ( I was six when we left Maridi in the NS. I wouldn't mind anything challenging and am out to it. I want to go 'Northern Uganda'. After ages of war and unstability, the north is calmer and am off and daring the rebels of the Lords (my foot) Resisitance Army LRA. The LRA have made the worst headlines in Ugandan history and its a high time they remembered that we need to develope Uganda also. But "Cush" is my destination and a similar message to her friends upnorth. If the blog is not updated in about that time consider a break down in communication but one thing I hope to owerahbit are the experiences and memories of a six year old who returns to former play grounds as and told by a 20+ year old.
The plot goes:
  • NS destination Maridi
  • Make the most of contacts along the was (and make a rich collection of friends too!)
  • Trace former peers and find out what they are doing ( some are now called Commanders)
  • Ofcourse cast nets left and right
  • Enjoy the advenure
  • Remember to owerahbit



R.A. said...

Hello Henry...

I just came across your blog after doing a little searching. I was looking into people who are blogging from Uganda. I just saw this film called "Invisible Children" that is about how the LRA is abducting children in Northern Uganda, and how the children have been forced to hide in fear for their lives. Do you know about this? The film was powerful, and very disturbing. I am trying to find out more about what is going on, and what people are doing about it.

Henry Henry said...

Hi RA,
Sorry i couldn't write ASAP. I a personal vendetta with the LRA. Would you believe it when i say its terrible i think worse than what that film gave. the LRA are the worst of all armed rebellion. Am wtriting from off station but will communicate to you and ya blog soon. Am actually in Northern Uganda. I promise to keep you posted