Monday, April 18, 2005

My Niles

My Niles
The River Nile: Ever eaten a Nile Crocodile or a Nile perch!? You hate of the beauty on the Nile. Its a new rumour am inventing -the Biblical Eden must have been watered by the Nile. Please spread this rumour. The Nile is that vein that pumps blood to the heart. I remember my Sciences well - Its the Plum... something vein! I travelled the stretch from Kampala through the great Murchison Falls and kaalas! I saw the beauty. A sultan must be envying what they can't get off the Nile. Sultan only my hoof - even Europeans, Americans, Asian, Australians and Africans you are not spared! I see them all trying to steal a piece of the Nile. If you are a tourist and haven't been a Nile republic, please consider your self a non tourist and please when you come remember to tell this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so its about rumours. Check out this one. I hear that the white man brought the nile perch to try and do away with the tilapia. Am not so sure how but he reckoned that the nile perch would eat up all the tilapias! It hasn't happened yet lets wait and see.