Friday, December 18, 2009

South Sudan 2010 and beyond

Southern Sudan 2010 builds an anxiety. The Sudan must dread the forthcoming national elections that could determine the leadership that sees it through to 2011 national referendum. April 2010 is for national elections. 2011 is either for the unity of or the break away from the Sudan.

An ICC indicted president, battled hardened South Sudanese, bitter Darfurians, contested regions and Africa, find queer speculations, fearful uncertainties and hopeless hoping in a menu modern, Kush 2010, 2011 plus. The telecommunications in a fiercely politicised socio-economic Sudan.

In the South of the Sudan, the telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructure should anticipate some crude roles in the face of competing and opposing coordination and mobilisation of the will of the electorates. A communications warfare might be in the offing.

MTN Sudan, Zain, Vivacell, Carnatell, Sudani, Gemtel, ISPs and cyber networks. Speculation is that Sudanese politics could impact negatively on the mundane economic telecommunications of the South and the Sudan.

South Sudan, the opportunities fade. Clarifications is that Salam Taki shall be updated with a better regularity. The sun shines.