Friday, July 15, 2005

Vieira! Wenger!! Arsenal!

Gawaya David: Hahaha...ha, hehehe... Poor Arsenal! Vieira is boarding a plane to Italy and will not be back even after five whole years...ohohoh, hee hee hayhayhay! The whole team is up for sale! wenger may decide to sell himself as well!

This is not the news you wish to recieve early in the morning regarding your favourite Soccer team. A mockery of the system of soccer you even blindly adore. My MANU pal sent me this mockery. I is hard to forgive Wenger for allowing such an insult to my favourite club Arsenal!

Wenger has answers to sing to my eyes let alone convincing me if at all it were possible that Arsenal wont verse Viera in the Champions league tomorrow! I need a super vieira in Arsenal to be convinced let alone hitting MANU, Chelsea atleast three 7-0s Everton style! I lament but I await what our overall commander Wenger is upto otherwise a mutiny may be in the offing in the Arsenal squad! How possible is it to sell away your captain in the name of hoping!? Arsenal has literally done away with an era!

Whoever it is to replace Vieira had better be made known quickest before my prejudices kick in! My! my! my! Wenger and Arsenal have not only sold a whole Vieira but done away with job security more so that for Arsenal's Captain. Sol Campbell and or whoever it will be to replace Vieira had better know this!
I still trust Wenger but mister you have rocked my confidence in you! You better mend it ASAP!

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