Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of blogging, hypertexting, class, and aftermath

I don't know what I did yet I had to abandon the blog. I am worried. My report card! And for my pains, Habesh Continental for a Monday evening. Worth it. Ethiopian. I didn't. I slept in my bed.

Ginger in my eyes. I read that email and confirmed that luck had come my way. DiploFoundation chose to train us on the Internet governance process. Gratefully and nervousely, I enrolled into the IGCB 09 class and for close to three months, it has been an experience. Undisputeably, a thank you Steph is very much in order. I never heard my tutor speak, and to infer to an observation, I too never got the chance to see how other classmates  listen. We hypertexted, hypertexed, blogged, made forum entries, hypertexted and hypertexted, had a Friday online chat session, spied the Cantina and sought information and knowledge. And the day for the final examination came, two questions attempted and ... It has to be a new dawn. The networking resumes shortly. But then, what a beauty for a class. 

However, Arsene Wenger FC had not done me any favours, I had to nurse my daughters to health, felt the hurt in pockets, opportunities dwindled, and to see bullet proof V8s packed and no internet connectivity, the stress had boiled enough. Come the Monday evening, it had to be to the nearest Ethiopian hospitality. Habesh Continental at the banks of the Nile. Emerging and not disappointing, the atmosphere by Juba standards and starless ofcourse, was splendid. The rooms go for US $ 180 only per night. I had to remind my self. There is only a today, a tomorrow and a now. I need to get busier. Mukumu ducks, I am around.