Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Information!? How absurd!?

I have a problem: I am a member of several mailing lists / listservs and a creator and moderator of some few. I do access not less than fifty mails a day: Mails about Information systems, information architecture, information professionals' mailing lists, monitoring and evaluation mailing lists, and yes! junks do sneak in! Am in eight mailing lists! I really get lots of information. But then what have I got? Power!? No! Knowledge!? To an extent! Information overload! Very much so! Information! Misinformation! Disinformation! What is information!?

In the first instance the term "information" is not clearly defined! What do they mean by the term Information ? Could information have been confused to mean a communication!? What does Wikipaedia tell us!? Anyway has the world any standard defination of English terms and abstract such as information!?

I have information is abundancy - all sorts of information like useful Wikipeadia and Google .com can avail but have I the power!? Power over what!? Over my destiny?; competitors?; floks? or what!? Information! What does the blue print of information in its purest form contain! Does information in its purest form contain only facts!? Is information still power!?

I have too much information around me that communicating it is as hard as comprehending them! There lies the absurdity! I have too much information around me but hasn't harvested enough from them! And oh yes! I have another thing! I can communicate to thousand people and only at a click to these very sources of information - the mailing lists! But what do I tell tell!? Yes it is also Information and I also export my confusion to them to consume!
One thing for sure: Knowledge is Power!