Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 - The year of South Sudan

In 2011, the Year of South Sudan, the geo-political heart of Africa, you should welcome the 54th State of Africa - The Republic of South Sudan (Or Azania). It is a normalcy bias: Uganda's 2011 national elections and South Sudan's 2011 self determination referendum 2011.

Greetings from now in South Sudan: With a referendum slated for early January 9, 2011, the Khartoum government will roar, and throw tantrums and some bombs, create chaos here and there, but a full blown out war is not desirable to even the most fool hardy fanatic in that regime. An assurance is that the peripheries of Sudan - South Sudan, Darfur, Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, the Eastern Bank and all opposition to the current Khartoum regime could all gang up against the centre. The international economic community will also not tolerate the war. Times are hard. Khartoum will not want to provoke furies.

South Sudan's rear guard: Uganda. In national elections. Conditions obtainable in the field will not favour a regime change, the leadership and presidency of Uganda for the timing. Add it that Uganda's democracy is still nascent. There, it is is a "demoNcracy". If need be, a win for the incumbent will be "democracKed".

He shall win because he is Museveni, the man, the politician, the strategist, the in-charge of Uganda's state machinery, regional linchpin, East Africa's longest serving president, and thoroughly entrenched in the socio-economic politic military fabrics of Uganda, tested and proven executive of a geo-strategically located international operations base.

Given Somalia, the Nile Basin, and South Sudan's potent crisis, Museveni's involvement and with the "international community" in Sub-Saharan Africa and the fact that Museveni is a note able continental voice and therefore one of the continent's strategists, he remains very relevant to the local, regional, international and politico-military interventions in Sub Sharan Africa.

To pull extra ordinary electioneering victory in Uganda, where Sudan had a chance in Dr. John Garang, only appeals that transcend party affiliations like politics, religion, and tribalism must be translated into into economic and fair competitiveness national campaign strategies in order to change leadership in Uganda. Museveni will therefore win because the opposition lack the acumen to pull off an extraordinary victory. Atleast it seems to be the case in their current campaigns. It is a fashion show for alternative opposition leaders - Norbert Mao and Ms Betty Kamya.

Current so called electioneering and democracy in Uganda is what I will call "DEMONCRACY". If need be, M7 will "democrack" a win. For all the ills that could follow, here is good news: the international community can not allow an Ivory Coast nor a Kenya situation in Uganda. Not in the year 2011 - the Year of South Sudan, the geo-political heart of Africa.

With other people's opinions very alarmist, and pessimist we should take the due caution: Also, brace for uncertainty. Take care. It is only Eight (08) days to South Sudan's referendum. Her independence can only be declared on or after 9 July 2011. I wish you a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Long live Sudanese Monkeys

Monkey Tap. Monkey Do. As the [quality of] tax-funded educational system declines, computer software improves. Credit Gary North. Opinion is that much as South Sudan wants its "independence" be mindful that the world over also wants a lasting solution to a Sudan lying geo-economically strategic but so wasteful in the heart of Africa.

With 33 days to South Sudan's much dreaded referendum, Sudan's politics is playing out to be well programmed software. Weird developments are happening in Dinka Ngok's Abeyei area. For some reasons, the Misiriya are pressing so that they part takes of a South Sudanese only referendum. And in an attempt to ruin a triumphalist's independence vote, the Misiriya have formed their own government in the Dinka Ngok's territories - in another's man's bedroom. Monkey Do. Monkey taps a trigger!

Apes will be able to achieve the impossible including dragging sane nations to war. A diplomatically trimmed Field Marshal who can't be in Tripoli has rubbished a Darfurian rebel commander, a centre clinging and holding partner. Things might fall apart more than a software could understand. And while "Wikileaks" has confirmed that Egypt dreads an independent South Sudan, South Sudan's vote for independence is no longer being doubted. The counting down is rushing. Oil! Greed will be the motivation for raging monkeys. The triggers are being orchestrated. A nuisance center might not hold for too long.

A composite reality comprising geo-racial, Afro-Arab politics, religion, economics and involving oil is one of grand interests, and a local alliance against a common notoriety. Doubt you what another monkey would do as the triggers get a prominence? I am resigning and will not be evacuating come East Africa 2011.

Friday, November 19, 2010

South Sudan: The Geo-politics

In Fifty (50) Days the South Sudan could cast ballots to decide either to be the newest independent state in the world and 54th in Africa or to choose to remain slaves to the Khartoum regime in North Sudan. In the words of Dr. John Garang (RIP), it is absolutely their choice.

You be kidding. While their choice is only salam - peace, there is also the regional, Arab league, Sub Saharan, West, East and a confused global preference of the Sudan. A tension builds. 2010, the Sudan may never be the same again.

The Sudan, bordering Nine (9) countries can not be allowed to remain perceptually unstable for business, for exploitation and as an opportunity. Global by design, local by nature, people are tired of war more so a war in the South and Darfur. Add it that any war right now could mutate triumphing Southerners to seek alternative victory in the North!

And in the midst of all these, watch political developments in Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Darfur, Egypt, Khartoum, Ethiopia and in South Sudan. Let Congo and C.A.R lie! This could be Africa's geo-intertwined-politics of ages.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Probing the Ministry of Schooling

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein. Education is not your schooling. Expressed Mathematically: Education = (You - Schooling)

Let's explore further:

If: Education = (You - Schooling)
Then: You = (Education + Schooling)
Which Means: Schooling = (You - Education)

This it is proven. Schooling has less to do with your Education.

Query: When the examiners probe your Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and what haven't you they taught but never test your social skills and problem solving skills, the resulting grades, whose are they - Could they have been the Schooling System's? Was it a measure of your Education?

From Sub Saharan Africa, it is therefore so pathetic that the institution of Education is left to the Schooling Ministries. The curriculum of Education remains for ever hidden. Let those who can find, make use of it.

Monday, May 31, 2010

RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

Facebook Banglasheshed

Once in Ugandan primary schools, the phrase "Bangladesh" was an injurious insult and whatever it meant I haven't understood till this day. So here is my wrath: Any entity that blocks access to any website, here is my response: Bangladesh! I hope the Bangladesh sounds like your intestines came crashing.

So Bangladesh, Pakistan and many shall block access to the likes of Face book. It is an opinion here that such backward acts of enemies of expressions have no place in this age. For all reasons, I think the Bangladeshis of this Internet age are in for a shocker! Let the Internet community find a technological solution to Internet censorship.

You could have been smarter, the Internet can be come smarter too. Bangladesh.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Truths served

SCIENCE doesn’t explain the universe, nor which came first, of an EGG and a COCK. You won’t get the FACTS. Feed on the TRUTHS you are served. A LIE gets told so that we get contented. Believe and have peace. Refuse, and hell awaits you. This is where belief bridges a yapping gap. So I think, so I am and I search for the Truth and I let the FACTS remain.

If it made you mad, then it hit at a reality, if instead of being mad you opted to be sad, then understand that the TRUTH is whatever I chose to believe. FACTS are devoid of emotions. Understandably we humans are emotional beings.

While we can’t reconstruct FACTS, we create FALSEHOODS and trade it as TRUTHS. One of his infamous landmarks, BIG LIES told more often become TRUTHS.

FACTS are often beyond our reach and imaginations. An attempt in finding FACTS are in an equally inadequate SCIENCE, at least by Albert Einstein’s judgement.

Agree that SCIENCE doesn't explain the whole universe, nor which came first, of an EGG and a COCK. This is where belief bridges a yapping gap.

A LIE gets told so that we get contented. Believe and have peace. Refuse, and hell awaits you. You won’t get the FACTS. Feed on the TRUTHS you are served.

Happy New Year. I ply between South Sudan, East Africa and Uganda and I am reading. Give me the Internet, ICT, add me the peace, lets do business. I am in.