Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Kampala Corrupt - Uganda better

By Henry Owera

The Capital city of Uganda is Kampala. The Pearl of Africa has better to offer other than than Kampala. Gifted by nature and spoilt by nurture!

Other than having established entertainment centres, more developed and industrialised commercial hub in Uganda, I wonder wether there is anything better Kampala offers. With flooding willy nilly come whatever rains, corrupt and haggling officers, cheats and a better- but- still hopeless traffic police, Kampala offers nothing but misery! One may long for a better capital city to be proud of!

So why all the bad mouthing? I have seen beautiful pictures of Kigali, never been there but would love to, and Kigali given her past history contrasts kampala. I know you kampala. And then I was in this matatu heading for a City suburb and who stops our motor vehicle? - a Traffic Constable! Let me decribe him: A man, probably in his late 30s or early 40s, pot bellied, not smart and an ugly sight to look at!

This officer, like many of his colleagues, stopped the vehicle and for ten to twenty minutes he kept us waiting but then his wispherings said it all - he had no clear charge to press against the driver, but stood in the sun miserably -he wanted kitokidogo (Read: Bribe) usually for a helicopter - a helicopter is their infamous reference to a chicken! The officer pleaded, the driver stood his ground! Still the miserable sight was there haggling forever! The passengers and yours truelly had no option but to get out of the matatu and find alternatives. I hope he got nothing and justice served! Too much for kampalaism and the festive mood!

kabale - the Switzerland of Uganda and her beautiful lanscape sceneries, Mbale at the foot of Mt. Elgon with her erotic Kidodi moves, Kapchwora with her Sippi Falls, Jinja with the mystic River Nile, Kasese with the summit of the Mountains of the Moon, not to leave Mbarara and Forto with gorgeous curves!, Entebbe, Arua, LA (Read: Lira District), . . . national parks and forests , Uganda is much more beautiful than what Kampala potrays. Come this festive season I would rather be upcountry and watch clear heavens and enjoy river bank pleasures than be taunted by Kampala City- my - hoof!

Which capital would I Love to spend my 2006/7 festive season? Answer: Juba - the Capital of South Sudan or Kigali the Capital of Rwanda! For the love of adventure, adrenaline should flow!

Friday, December 08, 2006


By Henry Owera
Why do I blog!? I blog because I can blog! I blog because I have a right to blog (read communicate). I blog because I have to! I blog to release the pressure! I blog because I want to learn! And for whom do I blog? Primarily for myself and then welcome you! Rude ah! I hope not but it is the reality!

I blog because firstly, it is like communication with my inner self! But then here you are visiting this blog! I feeling like am communicating with us! Well I don't mind hosting you in the owerasphere! It is like sharing my tacit knowlege with us (Pun intended) So should I have patent rights over what I 'publish' at Owerah's Bits? Maybe!... NO! Yes! NO! Yes! I wish I knew! Am I infringing on other people's patent rights? NO! and sky above help me never to! But how do I handle blogging tacit knowledge!?

Just then the idea and purpose of blogging takes another trend! You (read they) peep into the owerasphere, and now I don't know what we are doing and want to do! This is the uncertain (and harsh) reality of blogging in the information age! Am your Wing Commander! Blogging is creating a communication revolution of a kind. I have decided to don a badge of The Electronic Frontier Foundation : Defending Freedom in the Digital World I hope any blogger here joins EFF for guidance and moral solidarity.
"EFF is a nonprofit group of passionate people — lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries — working to protect your digital rights."
As for a Morgan, thanks for visiting owerasphere! But what a coincidence! I love being an Owera! I have made that vital link to your site! I could have donated space and worn your logo on Owerah's Bits -a new kind of aid in the Information Age
Owera is targeting Customers that need a comprehensive provisioning tool to efficiently manage and maintain any IP-based end point.
Disclaimer: Other than sharing names and alias, Henry Owera is not linked whatsoever with the entities behind the sites http://www.owera.com nor http://www.bakata.com

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Henry Owera,
Skype: owerah14
Blog: http://www.owerahbits.blogspot.com
Six Life Skills 1. Decision Making 2. Problem Solving 3. Communication 4. Critical thinking 5. Self Assessment 6. Coping Strategies

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Strikes and stakes

By Henry Owera

The knowledge base of Uganda is under attack! - Strikes! Arrogancies and Strikes! Strikes and empty heads! The haven and centre of intellectual discourses in Uganda has gone amok! The building blocks of Uganda's information society and knowledge economy was dealt a blow down in the marrow! Dons and Students are striking and the leaders are fuming and ordering!

One university strikes and the others chorus in unision! First were the lecturers, followed by the students of Kyambogo University, then Nkozi NTC, dons of Makerere University - Harvard of Africa my foot - Makerere University students, tear gas and police and then the closure of the melele at the epitome of Uganda's education. Coupled with 'minor' and political skirmishes in the capital city, a diarrhoea is possiblility!

The dons want more pay as prommised by the president! the students demand to be lectured, the police officers of the republic are throwing tear gas cannisters willy nilly while military only awaiting to vent venom and crush any civil non senses! Peeew! Pearl of Africa! The last time it was true was when Church Hill uttered them! What stakes!?

Uganda's toddler institutions are being put to a test! Ugandan history is being rewritten! When twenty years down the lane, the nation still has no comprehensive strategy for wholistic human and capital development, then the nation could be stagnant at best and slidding to a deep and seemingly bottomless chasm heavens forbid!

Was it right for the dons to go on a sit done strike! Were the students right to demand to be taught!? and strike!? What about the authorities! Has University administrations and its chancellors the ability to steer our nation!? What about the leadership paramount!? Is paying dons a competitive wage a government priority!? Is their a common sense!? Will a compromise be reached!?

I hate diarrhoea! The way the stand off between the dons and the leadership paramount was handled leaves alot to be desired! - Kangaroo leadership. The Information and Knowledge society of Uganda is being defined!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Encounter

the encounter
By Africano Mande
O’ Maridi! O’ Maridi!
Don’t you bellow for me.
I ‘m the son,
Ain’t more or less a son.
So far muluya nda kuwa.
I rode on a buffalo in a leopard skin,
Charging with my pala burning red.
I pierced through your heart,
You proclaimed,
Come! Come! Come on!
Down on earth I came.
I cried to find the glory,
Searched for my civilisation,
But down on my feet,
The graves of Banzoro and Gedima rattled.
They both admitted that,
The civilisation I’m to inherit,
Is nothing but the numerous graves.
And it will not be easy.
My! Should I tarry to be the witness?
Or I should promise that,
I will testify.
In my oath with Maridi,
I vowed to rise when the morning comes.
And with Ambiringi under my feet,
I will blow the trumpet of Mande.
And that day,
Those below and beyond the hills,
Will all gather to march.
Even the widows will get their share of musala.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Owerah's Bits now on beta blogger

By Henry Owera

After frustrations with the old annoying blogger, I have finally decided to go beta!

My apologies for being unable to post to the site for donkey years!

I shall resume regular blogging and enjoy!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Online activity

Well I have finally made it back to the blogsphere and websphere - but at what cost!?

I must say a sorry to all readers of Owerahbits! From the southern part of maridi and my heart am very sorry for neglecting my readership for donkey years! Sincere apologies to Hash of the White African fame for not replying a mail, my new colleagues at AISI E- Discussions: Africa Speaks / African Youth and the Information Society. I shall do right soonest!!

In case you care to know what happened! Well, certain escapades and occurance socially excluded from the blogsphere but for the lighter side none can resist the temptations of the mango indi of Maridi, Southern Sudan - yours prodigal!

Egos are causing bad blood in Southern Sudan! LRA vs UPDF!, Peace Vs Jsutice!, civilians and soldiers! hope is being toyed with in old Kush!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Information!? How absurd!?

I have a problem: I am a member of several mailing lists / listservs and a creator and moderator of some few. I do access not less than fifty mails a day: Mails about Information systems, information architecture, information professionals' mailing lists, monitoring and evaluation mailing lists, and yes! junks do sneak in! Am in eight mailing lists! I really get lots of information. But then what have I got? Power!? No! Knowledge!? To an extent! Information overload! Very much so! Information! Misinformation! Disinformation! What is information!?

In the first instance the term "information" is not clearly defined! What do they mean by the term Information ? Could information have been confused to mean a communication!? What does Wikipaedia tell us!? Anyway has the world any standard defination of English terms and abstract such as information!?

I have information is abundancy - all sorts of information like useful Wikipeadia and Google .com can avail but have I the power!? Power over what!? Over my destiny?; competitors?; floks? or what!? Information! What does the blue print of information in its purest form contain! Does information in its purest form contain only facts!? Is information still power!?

I have too much information around me that communicating it is as hard as comprehending them! There lies the absurdity! I have too much information around me but hasn't harvested enough from them! And oh yes! I have another thing! I can communicate to thousand people and only at a click to these very sources of information - the mailing lists! But what do I tell tell!? Yes it is also Information and I also export my confusion to them to consume!
One thing for sure: Knowledge is Power!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Uganda: Information and ICT

The puzzle the Information Age presents has won Ugandans two full Cabinent Ministeries and a State Ministry! This thing called information, has warranted that the government of Uganda led by H.E. Rtd. Lt. Gen. Y.K. Museveni, Chairman NRMO and Commander in Chief (CIC) of UPDF, create the vacancies for:
  • Minister of Information and National Guidance.
  • Minister of communication and information communication technology (ICT).
  • And Minister of State for ICT.
These three ministries shall be dealing with information in all its context. Need I include Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the former head in the Department of Information in the office of the President. Well Dr. Nsaba Buturo is now a an almighty Minister for Ethics in the Office of the Vice President! Ethics!! What ever that means! Nevertheless, I can't help witnessing Uganda discuss the nitty gritties of handling this information age and the knowledge economy!

Below is the full list of the new cabinet that was sworn in today June, 02 2006. This is an extract from Uganda's leading daily -The New Vision of June 02 2006. (The emphasises are mine!)
  1. PRESIDENT: Yoweri Museveni
  2. Vice President: Prof. Gilbert Bukenya
  3. PM Prof. Apolo Nsibambi
  4. First DPM and Minister in Charge of EA Affairs: Eriya Kategaya
  5. Second DPM and Minister of Public of Service: Henry Kajura
  6. Third DPM and Minister of Information and National Guidance: Kirunda Kivejinja
  7. Minister for Security: Amama Mbabazi
  8. Presidency: Beatrice Wabudeya
  9. General Duties (OPM): Adolf Mwesige
  10. Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries: Hillary Onek
  11. Defence: Dr Crispus Kiyonga
  12. Relief and Disaster Preparedness: Tarsis Kabwegyere
  13. Education and Sports: Namirembe Bitamazire
  14. Energy and Minerals: Daudi Migereko
  15. Internal Affairs: Ruhakana Rugunda
  16. Finance: Dr Ezra Suruma
  17. Works: John Nasasira
  18. Justice, Constitutional Affairs and AG: Dr Khiddu Makubuya
  19. Gender, Labour and Social Affairs: Syda Bumba
  20. Trade and Industry: Janat Mukwaya
  21. Water and Environment: Maria Mutagamba
  22. Lands, Housing and Urban Development: Omara Atubo
  23. Health: Dr Steven Mallinga
  24. Foreign Affairs: Sam Kutesa
  25. Minister of communication and information communication technology (ICT):Ham Muliira
  26. Local Government: Maj. General Kahinda Otafiire
  27. Without Portfolio: Dorothy Hyuha
  28. Chief Whip: Kabakumba Masiko
  1. Agriculture: Kibirige Ssebunya
  2. Fisheries: Fred Mukisa
  3. Animal Industry: Maj. Bright Rwamirama
  4. Higher Education: Gabriel Opio
  5. Primary Education: Peter Lokeris
  6. Sports: Charles Bakabulindi
  7. Energy: Simon D’Ujanga
  8. Minerals: Kamanda Bataringaya
  9. Finance (General Duties): Fred Omach
  10. Planning: Omwony Ojwok
  11. Microfinance: Salim Saleh
  12. Investment: Prof. Ssemakula Kiwanuka
  13. Privatisation: Chekamondo Rukia
  14. Foreign Afairs (International Affairs): Okello Oryem
  15. Regional Affairs: Isaac Musumba
  16. Gender (Women) Rukia Isanga
  17. Youth: James Kinobe
  18. Labour: Mwesigwa Rukutana
  19. Disabilities: Sulaiman Madada
  20. Health (General): Richard Nduhura
  21. Primary Health Care: Dr Otaala Emmanuel
  22. Housing: Werikhe Kafabusa
  23. Urban Development: Urbane Tibamanya
  24. Lands: Atwoki Kasirivu
  25. Office of the VP: Economic Monitoring): Kagimu Kiwanuka
  26. OVP (Ethics): Nsaba Buturo
  27. Office of PM (Relief and Disaster preparedness): Musa Ecweru
  28. OPM (Northern Uganda): David Wakikona
  29. OPM (Karamoja): Tom Butime
  30. OPM (Luwero Triangle): Nyombi Thembo
  31. Trade, Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities: Wambuzi Gagawala
  32. Industry: Ephraim Kamuntu
  33. Tourism: Serapio Rukundo
  34. Water: Jenipher Namuyangu
  35. Environment: Jessica Eriyo
  36. Transport: Simon Ejua
  37. Works: John Byabagambi
  38. Defence: Ruth Nankabirwa
  39. VP Office: James Baba
  40. Internal Affairs: Matia Kasaija
  41. Justice: Fred Ruhindi
  42. ICT: Nsambu Balintuma
  43. Local Government: Hope Mwesigye
  44. Public Service: Sezi Mbaguta
One for the road -
The notorious self styled Lt. Gen. Joseph Kony of the LRA is a fugitive. Kony's atrocities are well documented.
Justice or peace? South Sudan meets rebel fugitive: By Daniel Wallis JUBA, Sudan, June 2 (Reuters) -
Why would Africa's youngest regional government risk world opprobrium by meeting with and supplying a guerrilla commander notorious for slaughtering civilians, abducting children and mutilating his victims? The government of Southern Sudan last month shocked many regional observers by holding unprecedented talks with fugitive Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony and giving him food and $20,000 in cash.
Tomorrow Saturday the 3rd June 2006, is Uganda Martyrs' Day.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Information Age dilema

We are consumers and producers of information through formal and informal communication. How a party consumes and produces information is another thing all together. However in this Information Age, information, misinformation, and disinformation are being consumed and produced enormously - thanks to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS). Information literacy - the skills of knowing how to create, locate, evaluate, organise and use information - becomes a paramount skill to wade through vast amounts of information. The Information Age's maze and ICTs presents a different kind of challenge all together.

ICT is a luxury fast becoming a necessity in the Information Age. ICTs, also one of the most lucrative business ventures of our era is taking centre stage in leading humanity into the Information Age.
In Uganda, the Ministry of ICT is now only awaiting formalities. The Ministry of ICT has been mentioned and passed by the 8th Parliament of the Republic of Uganda and its likely Minister could be Dr. Ham Mulira, an ICT expert here in Uganda. An ICT expert!? Who is an ICT expert!? What are the qualifications for one to become an ICT expert!? Who needs an ICT expert anyway!?
Of a Computer scientist, an Information Technologist, a Telecommunicationist, an Information / Informatician Scienctist, UNESCO and the International Telecommunication Union, who should spearhead the agenda for humanity in the Information Age and with what mandate!?

The Information Age needs cadres who are primarily information literate. Literacy - the ability to read and write though vital is not good enough. The communication aspect of information is dearly needed. Then can knowledge of ICT skills kick in. A combination of Literacy, Information literacy, communication skills and ICT literacy is the better option for this information age.

I posted an article titled ICT Minister for Uganda to this blog and got the following comments / feedbacks:
Comment # 1. Tue May 09, 03:36:47 PM EAT
1. I find that the info about your storm centres has not come out clearly - reading it, some Ideas come but I do not get what you really mean.
2. The story about Ministry of ICT or Ministry of Information!?
Who is the author of this story? if it is you, your presentation does not depict that the ideas are yours. If its another persons work, please indicate so vividly
If you are reviewing a story, please state that its a review and please take time to work on your presentation (your arrangement of facts and words, your flow of ideas). I think that's one reason why you try to mix colours in your text, to me they are a distruction.
There are good ideas in the story but I think you could make them flow in much better way.
My reply to # 1:

You comments are definately very interesting! It is a piece for thoughts!!

Comment # 2.
Thu May 25, 03:23:33 PM EAT
This is very interesting content here. I will continue to read. Although I was interested in knowing if the work here is of your own ideas or are they article critiques of sort?
My Reply to # 2:
Thanks Stiltwalker.
I happen to be following the development of Uganda's ICT sector and "movement". I understand your fears but more importantly I hope to provoke an indepth analysis of ICT for Development Programmes in Uganda and other LDCs. ICTs seem not to have disadvantages here! Article critiques can not be ruled out on this blog! I hope to do so soon. How ever that article was a critique of a picture of Uganda's drive to meet the MDGs through promotion of ICTs.

I must add that, these articles are merely my opinions and at worst let them be my grumblings and your information. I am happy to share thoughts and experiences with you through this blog and your feedbacks are very welcome.
And i
n the words of Abraham Lincon, If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?

Monday, May 08, 2006

ICT Minister for Uganda

Ministry of ICT or Ministry of Information!?
ICTs are Technologies for Communication of Information. . Lets juxtapose and analogise the relationship between ICTs and Information - an abstract unique commodity, in a pipe and water scenario: ICTs are like pipes! Information is like water!

Now we consume water to survive, clean water is paramount! Ask Water Aid. Water is best delivered to us, modern human beings through a network of pipes of water. However water can also be delivered through other means, in rural Africa, we draw water from springs, wells, dams, rivers, lakes, oasises, and rain water without use of pipes!
We need information to realise holistic human development, moreso relevant timely quality information. Information is best delivered today through use of vessels called ICTs and more so its network. In rural and even urban Africa, information is being delivered through non ICTs means such as words of mouth (oral tradition), drums, signal, print media, cinema, and dramas! ICT has never been a prerequisite to access and consume information.

We therefore have alternatives to access and consume water just as we we have alternatives to access and consume information. The means, ICT management and policies are not the critical issues! The critical issue for holistic human development is Information management and its policies. ICT issues compliment information and communication commodity issues!

The Government of the Republic of Uganda is at the verge of setting up a full Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To the ICT enthusiastics - Your editor equally quilty, - it is such a big sigh.
I don't wish to wink about this not for one second! Ministry of ICT!?
How does the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST) and the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) come in!? If ICTs are Technologies for Communication of Information and they are Technologies, then won't it be more appropriate to have atleast UCC and UNCST under a new Minstry of Science and Technology in Uganda!?

This Ministry, all but about the means of information delivery - ICTs and not the cherised commodity -Information, stinks so unfortunate!

It is official, the Information Act of Uganda is in place! The Department of Information (DOI) in the President's Officer recently passed the Information Act of Uganda. Where does this ICT minsitry leave this noble Department of Informationin in the Office of the almighty President of Uganda!? Should that department remain under the discretion of the Office of the President of the land!? What powers has this DOI got!? And if Information and Communication - not ICT- is a human right would it be so unjust if it were under another relevant minsitry say the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development which already exist!? In any case media freedom can best be guaranteed by these ministries!

That commodity and abstract called "Information" is being sidelined by a consortium of information technology enthusiastics, power struggles and dollars! $! What good is ICT when freedom of information, communication, expression, speech, association and privacy hasn't been adequately guaranteed by what so ever specific policy and Ministry in this Pearl in Africa!? In Uganda's context which Ministry or Presidential department again formulates and guarrantee these policies and noble rights with regard to Information!?

Will the Ministry of ICT really guide us throught the maze from DATA to Information to Knowledge and Wisdom and what justification if any needs Uganda such a Ministry as a Ministry of ICT when Uganda hasn't even a Ministry for Science and Technology neither has she a Ministry for Information!?
And to any sane person, which issue has more concern for the common man: Data issues like connectivity, Digital Divide, internet governance or Information issues like freedom of speech and expression, right to access of information! Therefore needn't it be that the Ministry of ICT and Department of Informtion be merged and perhaps call it Ministry of Information!? A Ministry of Information is more inclusive of Information policies and Information Technology policies and would definately have to cater for ICTs issues! This is an Information Age!!

Has the US Government or the Japanese a Ministry of ICT!? Ok! Thailand has a Ministry of ICT! I mean are there best ICT mainstreaming practices out there in the world!? ICT and Society!? Is there such a thing as Sociology of ICT / information - Social Informatics!? Are we in a Telecommmunication Society or are we in the Information Society!? What was International Telecommunication Union (ITU) doing spearheading the Tunis 2005 World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS)!? Wasn't she hard pressing her "telecommunication Issues" at the expense on critical information issues!?

ICT issues in Uganda need be well thoughtout, internalised, researched and well documented before being included in Uganda's Ministerial structures otherwise it is could be a duplication of work by government agencis like the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), Uganda National Council for Science and Technolgy (UNCST)! And worse still Uganda might never ripe dividends out of the said ministry.

Perhaps its about high time the Ministries in Uganda are systemised to make them more inclusive and avoid duplication and waste of taxpayer and donor funds!
Below are the Numerous ministeries in Uganda (Source: The Monitor Business Directory, 2005 Page 266):

  1. Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and Fisheries
  2. Ministry of Defence
  3. Ministry of of Education and Sports
  4. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
  5. Ministry of finance, Planning and Economic Development
  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  7. Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
  8. Ministry of Health
  9. Ministry of Internal Affairs
  10. Ministry ofJustice and Constitutional Affairs
  11. Ministry of Lands water and Environment
  12. Ministry of Local Government
  13. Ministry of Public Service
  14. Ministry of Works, Housing and Communication!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reflections on the Information Society

The Information Society and the canopy that ICTs are offering wrings my neck!! Ever since the phenomenonal slogan Infomation and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) was drummed, the phrase ICT is quickly surpassing every other development aspect of the Information Society in Africa and developing countries! Any other issues have to toe the ICT movement. While it is true ICT offers great potential, Africa and other victims could soon find themselves in a development chaos of sorts for over jumping into the fray! I love to wonder!
To E-ready countries, ICTs have become the one vital tool through which the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) can be met! The ladder; the magic bullet; the everything for realising quicker development! But how about Africa the continent in which the very basics for participating in the Information Society are either inadequate or totally lacking! - The Sudan moreso the Southern Sudan and Darfur, Somalia, DR. Congo, my poor Pearl of Africa - Uganda, and many more LDCs world wide!

Okaaay! Africa is soon improving on its connectivity levels! A big Thank YOU to the Investors! "The easy cable is a fully integrated multi-technology network. It is an undersea fiber optic cable that will link the countries of East Africa to the rest of the world."

But what are ICTs!? ICTs in a nutshell are Technologies for Communication of Information! They are definately technologies!

According to the WSIS Declaration of Princples Article 8, the tenents of PROSPERITY were mentioned as: Eduction, Knowledge, Information, and Communication!
NOTE: Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) were not mentioned in Article 8 of the World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) Declaration of Principles as tenents of prosperity!! They are however sprinkled all over and spiced the Declarations.

The real declaration Article 8 reads thus: "We recognize that education, knowledge, information and communication are at the core of human progress, endeavour and well-being. Further, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have an immense impact on virtually all aspects of our lives. The rapid progress of these technologies opens completely new opportunities to attain higher levels of development. The capacity of these technologies to reduce many traditional obstacles, especially those of time and distance, for the first time in history makes it possible to use the potential of these technologies for the benefit of millions of people in all corners of the world."

If this is the case, then WHY not intensily the promotion of the cores of PROSPERITY namely: Education, Knowledge, Information, and Communication!?
Have ICTs become more important than those cores of human well being!? What can we do without!? What is at stake!? The internet or is it the $$ or human prosperity!? WSIS!? Is it an Information Society or a Telecommunication Society we are experiencing!?

I am left wondering: Have we been disinfomed! Have we been hoodwinked!? Have we been dopped!? How will a continent that derives so little pleasure from using especially the Internet of all ICTs benefit from the ICT revolution! Are there alternative ICTs more relevant to our situation! Are we on the right track!? What could be the driving force$!? Is the whole thing WSIS about ICTs and the Internet in particular!? Where are the African researches on this thing Informatics!?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Kampala, Uganda 2006 Presidential Elections

It was a Gen. Museveni Vs. Col. Besigye contest. Old friends and comrades were at each other - the leader and his junior. Its was NRMO Vs. FDC. Somebody called its FCD! The gentleman who called FDC FCD is now the mayor of Kampala who in his own words will "accomodate HM the Queen and the Common Wealth. Your majesty His Worship the Mayor of Kampala, Al Haj Nasser Ntege Ssebagala come 2007!

For starters, press freedom has been clamped horribly. Websites were inaccessible the biggest victim being a certain "Radio Katwe". Not really a radio station but a bad mouthed website if i may call her so. Also affected were the leading news websites of Uganda: New Vision and Monitor Websites.

The contest is at half time as I write: the General definately had to win by a wopping 59% and the Col. had to share the balance with three other "pretenders" to the crown. However the contest continues before learned friends. Its before seven lords at the courts of law and definately before the courts of conscience.