Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Abyei's oils: She is Southerly

Okaaaay. Abyei! Is it the fate of an electorate or people or is it the land or political territory or is it her oils or grassing lands? South Sudan and Sudan. East and West adjusted. How North is the South end? Nine Dinka Ngok Chiefdoms. The ABC, the xyzeds. The verdict is out. Abyei is well endowed. Very oily. She is Southerly. She is a price in another hand ...

The CPA was signed in 2005. National elections were meant to take place in June 2009. The referendum on whether the South would be independent or remain part of the Sudan and the fate of disputed regions including Abyei are to be determined in 2011. National elections meant for June 2009 postponded till April 2010. A referendum still possible in 2011. The CPA.: Abyei remains under the custodianship of the government in Khartoum until 2011. SPLM Vs NCP; SPLA Vs SAF. Make peace attractive. Abyei. Ceasefire and the fate of the CPA interwined.

Ok! Under a government in Khartoum! Could Abyei have been designed by the CPA architects to be a ransom inorder for the referendum to take place!? Is the fate of Abyei the price of honouring the CPA to its conclusion in 2011?