Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My blog is enhanced!

Today I made sure I had a near state of the art enhanced blog - by my standards ofcourse!
My blog has a guest book, post all you wish to. It has a guest map - tell me where you are on planet earth, break a rib with a weird news headlline and a daily cartoon-! When your done, remember to post a card to colleagues - All these features are incorporated in my blog! Ofcourse you may eavesdrop my world.

My! my! I only miss one other feature and It hurt me that I couldn't read the French. It
really hurts! I will make friends with any French speaking person just to decode this service for you my guests because i have the code but the instructions are in French je soi malade!

If you didn't comment, post, clicked, searched, pinned, read and neither
viewed my profile and told me about your blog, say you haven't been to my
blog. Deny it. So you better get hurrying!

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