Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Republic of South Sudan Visas

On 9th July 2011, Southern Sudan was declared independent, I prefer liberated from oppression but in reality she declared sovereignty - so much to joys and emerging chagrins.

While systems Republic of Sudan and Government of South Sudan (GoSS) officially ceased on 9th July 2011 and Republic of South Sudan (RSS) commenced in the instant, first on the internationally chagrined list: 1. How to get an Entry Visa to the Republic of South Sudan (RSS).

As I write this, here are your average options for entering the Republic of South Sudan:
  1. Either Fly to Africa and hope to reach Juba wrath-less without an Entry Permit ; or
  2. Enter South Sudan from Addis Ababa, Nairobi or Kampala to process a GoSS Travel Permit. It costs about US$ 50.0, your passport size photographs of you the alien, knowing where any RSS website or Embassy is in an African City, and atleast 30 Minutes of your time to catch your flights.
While the official line is that any Republic of Sudan Visa issued in Juba will be honoured till its expiry, please don't think you will easily enter and wonder in South Sudan on such a visa - fiercely proud South Sudanese immigration and security junior officials will not tolerate such nonesense!
Here is some Visa hope: Two weeks from writing of this article, South Sudan could begin issuing its own standard Visa awash with her own rules and regulations and of course some fees. The key phrase is COULD.

Otherwise some better news are that:
  1. ITU assigned the Republic of South Sudan an international telephone code: +211
  2. The world's newest republic has a new currency: The South Sudan Pound.
  3. The vexing your must register your entry into the Sudan requirement might not continue in the new Republic!
Code 211, because South Sudan became a sovereign state in the year 2011 AD.