Monday, February 23, 2009

Good wrong diagnosis

Bed rest, plenty of fluids, healthy diet, and pain relief. Are those all? Great! I like these! I like this treatment! I have done self diagnosis of what has caused me the malaise and found its treatment to be too simple a great solution! Yes. I hope it is the right ailment I am dealing with.

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
-- Mark Twain

Did it then aged 13. The tools then were my unknown reality, a mindset, the pain I was in and a book written on Where there is no Doctor. I compared what was written in the book with Latin American biased to my own and I concluded I had Shingles. Went to the clinic and the medics called it Herpes Zoster. Was given treatment and mum worryingly sent me out. What I did not know was that in her mind, was a stereotype so common about the ailment in disease riddled Uganda. She came back triumphant. It wasn't it. The cause was not that one!

Seventeen years later and alledgingly information literate and using the internet and aware of its ills and potential, I replace my medics. I won't name the sickness. Come e-doctor give me the solutions:
  • Plenty of rest: Plenty of rest I shall avail myself;
  • Plenty of fluids: I wish I could get those organic ones and put a blender to good use! Otherwise, it is the bottled waters, tea, packaged one, ... ;
  • Healthy diet: This is Juba, Southern Sudan where cooking is not an option for me. Ok! I hated the junk foods ages ago and detest meat already. Ok! Okay! I will add eating to my schedules;
  • Pain relievers: in my case I don't even need pain killers! I will supplement by sleeping under the moon and the twinking stars more often. I will relax. Pheeeeww ...