Friday, June 02, 2006

Uganda: Information and ICT

The puzzle the Information Age presents has won Ugandans two full Cabinent Ministeries and a State Ministry! This thing called information, has warranted that the government of Uganda led by H.E. Rtd. Lt. Gen. Y.K. Museveni, Chairman NRMO and Commander in Chief (CIC) of UPDF, create the vacancies for:
  • Minister of Information and National Guidance.
  • Minister of communication and information communication technology (ICT).
  • And Minister of State for ICT.
These three ministries shall be dealing with information in all its context. Need I include Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the former head in the Department of Information in the office of the President. Well Dr. Nsaba Buturo is now a an almighty Minister for Ethics in the Office of the Vice President! Ethics!! What ever that means! Nevertheless, I can't help witnessing Uganda discuss the nitty gritties of handling this information age and the knowledge economy!

Below is the full list of the new cabinet that was sworn in today June, 02 2006. This is an extract from Uganda's leading daily -The New Vision of June 02 2006. (The emphasises are mine!)
  1. PRESIDENT: Yoweri Museveni
  2. Vice President: Prof. Gilbert Bukenya
  3. PM Prof. Apolo Nsibambi
  4. First DPM and Minister in Charge of EA Affairs: Eriya Kategaya
  5. Second DPM and Minister of Public of Service: Henry Kajura
  6. Third DPM and Minister of Information and National Guidance: Kirunda Kivejinja
  7. Minister for Security: Amama Mbabazi
  8. Presidency: Beatrice Wabudeya
  9. General Duties (OPM): Adolf Mwesige
  10. Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries: Hillary Onek
  11. Defence: Dr Crispus Kiyonga
  12. Relief and Disaster Preparedness: Tarsis Kabwegyere
  13. Education and Sports: Namirembe Bitamazire
  14. Energy and Minerals: Daudi Migereko
  15. Internal Affairs: Ruhakana Rugunda
  16. Finance: Dr Ezra Suruma
  17. Works: John Nasasira
  18. Justice, Constitutional Affairs and AG: Dr Khiddu Makubuya
  19. Gender, Labour and Social Affairs: Syda Bumba
  20. Trade and Industry: Janat Mukwaya
  21. Water and Environment: Maria Mutagamba
  22. Lands, Housing and Urban Development: Omara Atubo
  23. Health: Dr Steven Mallinga
  24. Foreign Affairs: Sam Kutesa
  25. Minister of communication and information communication technology (ICT):Ham Muliira
  26. Local Government: Maj. General Kahinda Otafiire
  27. Without Portfolio: Dorothy Hyuha
  28. Chief Whip: Kabakumba Masiko
  1. Agriculture: Kibirige Ssebunya
  2. Fisheries: Fred Mukisa
  3. Animal Industry: Maj. Bright Rwamirama
  4. Higher Education: Gabriel Opio
  5. Primary Education: Peter Lokeris
  6. Sports: Charles Bakabulindi
  7. Energy: Simon D’Ujanga
  8. Minerals: Kamanda Bataringaya
  9. Finance (General Duties): Fred Omach
  10. Planning: Omwony Ojwok
  11. Microfinance: Salim Saleh
  12. Investment: Prof. Ssemakula Kiwanuka
  13. Privatisation: Chekamondo Rukia
  14. Foreign Afairs (International Affairs): Okello Oryem
  15. Regional Affairs: Isaac Musumba
  16. Gender (Women) Rukia Isanga
  17. Youth: James Kinobe
  18. Labour: Mwesigwa Rukutana
  19. Disabilities: Sulaiman Madada
  20. Health (General): Richard Nduhura
  21. Primary Health Care: Dr Otaala Emmanuel
  22. Housing: Werikhe Kafabusa
  23. Urban Development: Urbane Tibamanya
  24. Lands: Atwoki Kasirivu
  25. Office of the VP: Economic Monitoring): Kagimu Kiwanuka
  26. OVP (Ethics): Nsaba Buturo
  27. Office of PM (Relief and Disaster preparedness): Musa Ecweru
  28. OPM (Northern Uganda): David Wakikona
  29. OPM (Karamoja): Tom Butime
  30. OPM (Luwero Triangle): Nyombi Thembo
  31. Trade, Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities: Wambuzi Gagawala
  32. Industry: Ephraim Kamuntu
  33. Tourism: Serapio Rukundo
  34. Water: Jenipher Namuyangu
  35. Environment: Jessica Eriyo
  36. Transport: Simon Ejua
  37. Works: John Byabagambi
  38. Defence: Ruth Nankabirwa
  39. VP Office: James Baba
  40. Internal Affairs: Matia Kasaija
  41. Justice: Fred Ruhindi
  42. ICT: Nsambu Balintuma
  43. Local Government: Hope Mwesigye
  44. Public Service: Sezi Mbaguta
One for the road -
The notorious self styled Lt. Gen. Joseph Kony of the LRA is a fugitive. Kony's atrocities are well documented.
Justice or peace? South Sudan meets rebel fugitive: By Daniel Wallis JUBA, Sudan, June 2 (Reuters) -
Why would Africa's youngest regional government risk world opprobrium by meeting with and supplying a guerrilla commander notorious for slaughtering civilians, abducting children and mutilating his victims? The government of Southern Sudan last month shocked many regional observers by holding unprecedented talks with fugitive Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) leader Joseph Kony and giving him food and $20,000 in cash.
Tomorrow Saturday the 3rd June 2006, is Uganda Martyrs' Day.