Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My world: Pope; Camilla charles; Obote and M7!

Dr. John Paul II
The pope died and was buried. I mourn him, not really as a pope but more so as a humane person. RIP. Dr. Pope John Paul II life taught me a phenomenon. If the whole pope visited a mosque, wasn't that an example enough for lay Christains to feel free and also have a go to Mecca!? The Dr. also visited Mahatma Ghandi's and only one thing comes out clearly: -Regardless of religious affliation, some men are worthy being in heaven men like the Mahatma's, like Dr. (POPE) John Paul II, etc had crross cutting values. I have attended Catholic services, been in a Pentacoastal and Protestant Churches. One thing which differentiats them all are not their values but man made practices and concieved rituals. In my view these man mades are nothing but derailants! AND I REFUSE TO BE BOGGED BY THEM! I long for a day when we shall not have to identify our selves as Christians (Even saying that one is a christian isn't enough. You have to either say you are a Catholic or Protestant or Pentacoatal or even Baptist for that matter!), nor as Muslims, nor Buddhist, etc. All these have common values which seem to be what our creator and God wants.

Charles weds Camilla
You divorce your wife and the beauty dies and you remarry a woman who divorced her military husband. Well they are now pronounced husband and wife! England! I can't rule out needing a Bristish visa oneday! Congs Charles!

Obote to return to Uganda. M7: He must answer some charges
Obote (then President of Uganda in the 1980s but now disposed and living in exile) fought the insurgency of M7 (Gen. Museveni then a rebel commando and commander of the NRA but now the Pres. of Uganda). The big stage was a the Luwero Triangle! Thousands of the population there lost their lives. Now Obote wants to return. And M7 has made his views known: You must answer some charges.

See it this way: Please only imagine! PSE! Ok, M7 (Pres.) fights Joseph Kony (LRA - These ones are Dreaded REBELS!). The battle field is Northern Uganda. Thousands have now died and counting! GOD FORBID! Kony overthrows the government of a Col. (So they wish!) and Kony now President demands of M7 to answer charges at the battle field of Northern Uganda!

Did you notice some thing. I would again put it thus: When two elephants fight, its the grass that suffers. In Uganda's politicing today, the victor is president and the loser must answer charges!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous comment given on this in the previous post that you did.

You are biased about the president. You must be a multi-partist!!!

namagash said...

This is to suggest that you give a provision on your blog for people like me to post anything other than what you have writen on.

Say if I wanted to comment on MJ's trial, it would be kind of silly to give a comment under Pope's death, or Obote's commming back!