Thursday, April 21, 2005

A thin line btn love and confusion!? - Or is it abt the persona!?

A love that I want, will never be mine,
A love that I seek will never come with time.
A love that haunts me, and calls out my name,
A love that is confused, and its love that I blame.
A love split by two, a love split by lust,
A love like this I would never be able to trust.

But love nonetheless, is what draws me.

Why do we want something that can hurt so bad.
In the end we must end up happy or sad.
With a risk like that its hard to choose,
With decisions like this its easy to get confused.
If I win or loose, its up to the heavens,
“In life you have three great ones” I’m already on seven!
-Omar Marin

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