Thursday, November 17, 2005

Uganda: The Unfolding Reality

An excerpt from the The East African of November 7th - 13th 2005 (The East African is published weekly by the Nation Media Group) ran a headline thus: Transition: Donors now commend Museveni and Ignore calls to freeze aid. The heasd of the EU delegation last week said the handling of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote's burial and the return of Dr. Besigye showed political maturity.

Now I can confidently add today that the Head of the EU Delegation to Uganda H.E Mr. Illing Signurd could have been very wrong. I have the conviction that he could have wished he never issued such a statement. Barely a fortnight after his hearsay, the same hunk was sweating and fanning himself miserably. The price of a doubting Thomas! He had to witness first hand that a Besigye who barely a week was at His Excellency's office was now in the dock being charged with TREASON, RAPE and another offence to do with concealment of information. And that this man Besigye had this I told you so attitude towards the Excellency! Your Excellency, the sun sets so early here in Uganda!

His Excellency Mr. Signurd Illing was not the only diplomat in court and witnessing. Let me inform: if you happen to come from the following countries: US, UK, Holland ( I like Van Persie and the Dutch Masters of Arsenal FC) and eleven other countries, my! my! your diplomat accredited to Uganda could not stand the heat in the same court. These diplomats were on national TV fanning themselves - and can you quess with what else!? newspapers!. I have never seen diplomats so crowded!

I however must credit these diplomats they yearned for the truth and endured the humid tropical heat in the Ugandan court - in the very word of Prof. Latigo: "The situation has improved, but improving does not mean all is well" - I hope everything gets well. Now the diplomats know a thing or two about Uganda!

The Giraffe sees so far! Dr. Besigye son of a Mr. Kifefe once proclaimed that he wouldn't be the son of Kifefe if Museveni does not (re)run for presidency come 2006! Many doubted him then. By the time you read this I can say the Dr. is indeed the dear true son of Mzee Kifefe! The Giraffe saw far! H.E General YK Museveni is reported to have picked nomination forms by the time you read this! He can legally stand for Presidency of the Republic of Uganda and Chaimanship of the NRMO! General Museveni confirmed Dr. Besigye's fears!

PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has finally succumbed to pressure from NRM party members and picked nomination forms signaling his intention to contest for the Presidency in the 2006 polls. Get the details here.

The current situation doesn't need a giraffe! How sad for the giraffe to see hell approaching and yet can't rush into the rathole! He has been captured! I will update from a rathole. The giraffe is in safer custody langishing in a government jail!

A giraffee sees so far but rats are safer in the ratholes!
Can you believe Kampala witnessed commandos style activity at the High Court of Uganda!? And that four treason suspects could have been kidnapped from Uganda's Pensacola!? Just believe. Ok!?
...the handling of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote's burial and the return of Dr. Besigye showed political ironic!!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the "Giraffe sees far" statement you used in your most rescent atticle.

Since 2002 the Government of Uganda raised its concern about PRA and since 2002 the "political giraffe Dr. Kiiza Besigye" as we have been led to think has denyed that that group exists. He even used some of his supporters to go on the International Tvs and say that the group does not exist and that if it does then its the most peace full reble group that ever walked the planet earth. He has led people like you to think that it only is a big lie or some sort of a distorted truth. PRA reble group if I may remember correctly was reported to have burnt the the Kichwamba technical school a few years ago and it has made Kasese one of the most insecure places in Uganda today. But the Political giraffe has claimed that it does not exist. Does the giraffe only see whats in the opposition and not on his own side? It could be possible because it is too tall to see whats right under its feet. Any way recently the UN official in DRC confirmed that the reble group actually exists. What do you have to say about that? The US, UK, Holland and all the countries that you talked about are the biggest fighters against rebles terrorists and babarians. Uganda has reached a very high level in politics and needs to be commended. It is good to know that even reble leaders can be taken to court so that the world listens to their side of the story a thing that had not been heard about in the past years of Uganda. Ugandans should learn to be calm and patient and immitet the bigger countries like UK when people gets upset about a political issue they dont have to burn down buildings and cars to proove how desperate they are. Istead fight their way out in court and either loose or win according to the law.

Thank you.