Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back in kampala, Uganda

My trip to Maridi came to an end. My leave ended and i have to resume. I must admit I was as anxious to return to Kampala as I was anxiuos to head to NS. Either way it was sweet. Its like heading for news and actually telling the news!
Well I returned to Kampala safely and to the very arms of a you - can - quess - who. Yes she met me before I could begin watching the legs of Kampalans. I love you Kin.
I returned and kept my head cool, resumed some work and caught up and visited a near name shake and a friend - one Henry Owora a computer administrator at Ntinda, Kampala. And there was this challenger - the bigger dreamer of them all - Slyvia. I listened to this lady donning an Arsenal Cap and was like kalaas! this world and moreso Uganda still has chances of toppling Oprah. Well Slyvia has concieved a mega plan of providing Ugandans with some literatures. I won't name the title or hint on its contents but if all goes well, Ugandans will be reading unique literature published by a civil engineer! - Should we call this miseducation or the so much cherised versatility!? Come May, Slyvia am waiting for my free copies of the Fame Magazine!

I will remember to owerahbit my experiences in the Sudan but now that Jesus is about to die and resurrect, I have to revise my dreams. I need a HUMVEE. The real HUMMER H3. Visit the official HUMMER website by clicking here. A golf is not worth it! Revise ya dreams and match us!

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Anonymous said...

There is 2 major differences between Obote and M7.
1. When Obote was president he denied that anything was wrong in the Luwero Triangle. M7 has tried to show the world that there is something wrong in the North and has done every thing possible to invite any one willing to help out.

2. Obote during his regime killed civilians in Luwero and M7 killed the army soldiers of the Ugandan president at the time. Today Kony is killing civiians and so failing to kill the UPDF army soldiers if he has attempted at all, he has killed very few.

So I dare to say that you have been biased about your front page comment. Am sorry you are.