Friday, September 02, 2005

The Tsunami, Katrinas and Chopper

The Tsunami, Katrinas and Chopper of these day are becoming wanton. The Gods are playing with our lives yet I can demand a revolt. Eisten is much luckier.

A series of event have gone amiss and its sad we humans can hopelessly watch as things change our norm of life. I spent more than twenty years since I winked only to be hospitalised for the very first time because of a certain careless driver. I cursed and groaned but I will only appreciate what has remained of has hidden agenda for every bit of me and so you!

On behalf of the deities, I pay my condonlences to all who have remarkedly lost mothers and sisters, brothers and fathers. The victims of the Tsunami, the Katrina, and the tragic death of the John de Mabior Garang. R.I.P.

And to you who is reading this, thank your mercy you are alive. Life goes on.

Southern Sudan now looks up to the wisdon of Cmd. Salva Kiir Maryardit to fill a gap left - to create a new chain. Uganda awaits on providence as to what will become of the Pearl of Africa. We are almost there. Weep for the sons and daughters of Africa - tomorrow is so unpredicatable.

On the lighter note, surviving an accident bought me time to get to a newer level with a better you can quess whats and challenges. Thank you all who are postive. Owerahtiido - Hi. The weekend has kicked in and I demand to take you out right now. I wish i did so earlier. I hope ya in Naalya. - Its not bad to dream so allow me. Enjoy the milk and new place. I want to witness a Danish flag on ma site.

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