Friday, November 19, 2010

South Sudan: The Geo-politics

In Fifty (50) Days the South Sudan could cast ballots to decide either to be the newest independent state in the world and 54th in Africa or to choose to remain slaves to the Khartoum regime in North Sudan. In the words of Dr. John Garang (RIP), it is absolutely their choice.

You be kidding. While their choice is only salam - peace, there is also the regional, Arab league, Sub Saharan, West, East and a confused global preference of the Sudan. A tension builds. 2010, the Sudan may never be the same again.

The Sudan, bordering Nine (9) countries can not be allowed to remain perceptually unstable for business, for exploitation and as an opportunity. Global by design, local by nature, people are tired of war more so a war in the South and Darfur. Add it that any war right now could mutate triumphing Southerners to seek alternative victory in the North!

And in the midst of all these, watch political developments in Kenya, Uganda, Chad, Darfur, Egypt, Khartoum, Ethiopia and in South Sudan. Let Congo and C.A.R lie! This could be Africa's geo-intertwined-politics of ages.