Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Strikes and stakes

By Henry Owera

The knowledge base of Uganda is under attack! - Strikes! Arrogancies and Strikes! Strikes and empty heads! The haven and centre of intellectual discourses in Uganda has gone amok! The building blocks of Uganda's information society and knowledge economy was dealt a blow down in the marrow! Dons and Students are striking and the leaders are fuming and ordering!

One university strikes and the others chorus in unision! First were the lecturers, followed by the students of Kyambogo University, then Nkozi NTC, dons of Makerere University - Harvard of Africa my foot - Makerere University students, tear gas and police and then the closure of the melele at the epitome of Uganda's education. Coupled with 'minor' and political skirmishes in the capital city, a diarrhoea is possiblility!

The dons want more pay as prommised by the president! the students demand to be lectured, the police officers of the republic are throwing tear gas cannisters willy nilly while military only awaiting to vent venom and crush any civil non senses! Peeew! Pearl of Africa! The last time it was true was when Church Hill uttered them! What stakes!?

Uganda's toddler institutions are being put to a test! Ugandan history is being rewritten! When twenty years down the lane, the nation still has no comprehensive strategy for wholistic human and capital development, then the nation could be stagnant at best and slidding to a deep and seemingly bottomless chasm heavens forbid!

Was it right for the dons to go on a sit done strike! Were the students right to demand to be taught!? and strike!? What about the authorities! Has University administrations and its chancellors the ability to steer our nation!? What about the leadership paramount!? Is paying dons a competitive wage a government priority!? Is their a common sense!? Will a compromise be reached!?

I hate diarrhoea! The way the stand off between the dons and the leadership paramount was handled leaves alot to be desired! - Kangaroo leadership. The Information and Knowledge society of Uganda is being defined!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Encounter

the encounter
By Africano Mande
O’ Maridi! O’ Maridi!
Don’t you bellow for me.
I ‘m the son,
Ain’t more or less a son.
So far muluya nda kuwa.
I rode on a buffalo in a leopard skin,
Charging with my pala burning red.
I pierced through your heart,
You proclaimed,
Come! Come! Come on!
Down on earth I came.
I cried to find the glory,
Searched for my civilisation,
But down on my feet,
The graves of Banzoro and Gedima rattled.
They both admitted that,
The civilisation I’m to inherit,
Is nothing but the numerous graves.
And it will not be easy.
My! Should I tarry to be the witness?
Or I should promise that,
I will testify.
In my oath with Maridi,
I vowed to rise when the morning comes.
And with Ambiringi under my feet,
I will blow the trumpet of Mande.
And that day,
Those below and beyond the hills,
Will all gather to march.
Even the widows will get their share of musala.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Owerah's Bits now on beta blogger

By Henry Owera

After frustrations with the old annoying blogger, I have finally decided to go beta!

My apologies for being unable to post to the site for donkey years!

I shall resume regular blogging and enjoy!