Thursday, November 24, 2005

Museveni’s speech accepting to be NRM leader
Wednesday, 23rd November, 2005

CHAIR: Museveni after he was declared NRM candidate
The National Resistance Movement (NRM) last week chose President Yoweri Museveni as party Chairman and presidential candidate for the March 2006 election. Below is an excerpt of his acceptance speech Honourable Members of the National Conference

I salute all of you for the confidence you have put in me by electing me as the National Resistance Movement Chairman for the next Kisanja (term) of five years as well as electing me as your presidential candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections. I am ready, as in the past, to lead you in the two capacities.

I want, on your behalf, to salute the Honourable MPs of the Seventh Parliament that voted (wisely) for the lifting of presidential term limit provision of the Constitution. That provision (read:term limits) was not wise at all because the problems Africa faces are not always time-bound. We needed a flexible constitution to deal with those very strategic issues that are not time-bound. Your people in the South-West have a saying: “Otomize tahwa ikaranga(If your millet is not dry during the rainy season when you cannot put it in the sun to dry, you must keep on frying until it is dry enough for grinding into flour).” In other words, if a problem is not solved, you must keep on trying. We ( Read I am) are sure to win next year’s presidential elections because of the huge support we have in the whole country. We (Read I) need to consolidate and expand this support by eliminating all the unnecessary contradictions created by highlighting personal interests rather than always emphasizing the collective interest. Individual excellence in our war of resistance, nourished and propelled by mass support, enabled us to score the victories we achieved. That permutation is true today as it was in the past. Both individual excellence and mass support are needed in order to continue winning victories. One cannot do without the other.

And I add: Museveni is a GENIUS! There is no we! Its me and my swamp - Shrek

Uganda the Peril in Africa!!

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