Monday, June 11, 2007

True Wife Confessions

I have always wished to understand what ticks at the minds of the daughters of Evelyn! The psychology of women!
Readers of borrowed civilisations might wish to read all the confessions from number 1 - till the current Confession #1891 and counting at the blog True Wife's Confessions.
What your wife wishes
she could tell you..or not.


Luciano Bove said...

Women and wives are impossible to be understood.....that is life!

Henry Owera said...

Luciano, true! Women and wives are impossible to understand, but one "true" wife's confessions can give a clue! I swear you could become a professor if you told the world what women think! It is a challenge for all men! Women! Wife's! Girls! Maybe men just can't understand the 's'+'he': She