Wednesday, June 27, 2007

King captured So we have learnt

Sometime I get to over indulge in verbal arguments! I am slightly rebellious and will provoke thoughts! Will argue over nothings and serious issues, suspect points of views, argue for fun, argue for entertainment and also to demystify the different shades of everyday life! I argue with friends! Serious with the rest. Deeply also controversial at times by my own insight! But how shall we explore unhindered? At times, arguing is better suited than discussions, debates and all those formal dialogues! It is a democracy of sorts, so personal, true and will teach you to hold your emotions! Yap at will, relieve stress, and the mind, brain and soul seem to take in and vomit at a faster pace. At the end, you balance your individual scrap notes - and for pride's sake - in private!

You see, I love deity (God), humanity, distrusts religion and every thing religious, women and men inclusive! Women first! Women first because of my not-so-larger-than-life love for women! Love justice, hates democracy for puppet African countries, their leaders, name it! A non conformist and I will brag here: It is a reason perhaps why I am more innovative, solves problems faster, open minded (so I will claim), than you! Sorry them. I try to get the better of them by using some sociological perspectives that I have clues of! I must justify. And also justifies in a game of chess -the battle of wits and when their king is captured, I win!

I argue with Henry, Anselm, William, Andrew, Sam, Francis, Mike, - No girl? - Dan, Oltar, Don, ... Okay! McDorothy, Pat, Flav, Jes, Justine, Irene, Charity, Slyanto, ... and others. It is a whole spectrum of professionals: Social Scientists, Information Technologist, computer scientists, Civil Engineers who construct VIPs with baby ventilations, Lawyers, Food(ists) Scientist, Librarians, accountants, Vets, ... eh!, Information scientist - yours cruelly, and with a hard-to-tell bloggers. What about my friend who is a she? Well we also argue, agree, disagree and reconcile and fall apart like Kampala City's urban plan.

So we argue. Yes! Maybe we are still young - threatening a decade - my -hoof years- and are trying to understand our being, context, what is bedeviling us, our environment, society, ways of life, politics, information, Oh Yes! Religion, norms, dos and don'ts, social action, why we sleep, marriage and weddings, sports, games, borrowed civilisations for words, name it! Systems Theories, Occam's Razor for logic, Freudian theory and religion, Functional Theories, Humanist Movement, Bahai faith, among others! I add: Sex!

We argue! this, this and that, and we avoid attempts to exercise weak intellectual muscles which could lead to a Somalia situation by agreeing to sort it out in a game of Chess! My idea! You lose, you are taught! You were not smart enough! Yours truly wallops them with a regularity, so gets the bragging rights, sometimes and the right to teach them. These at takes us to square one, another argument, another game, a game of scrabble - now to clarify who our old school mates were ... get a lesson on perspectives to life ... so goes a learning process.

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