Monday, June 04, 2007

Notable misses

I haven't blogged some issues because of a grudge I hold against them!

Information Society Day. May 17Th. I hate them! I think another interest is undermining important issues for a healthy information society. They are busy widening a market. The Information Society they preach is one for the Internet and computer society! A starving child everywhere doesn't need the Internet nor the information society that promises foreign technology. They need information! And if that information will be delivered on the horse's back so let it be! Why scream ICT for Development (ICT4D) then wispher Information for All? Why? Because ICT4D is a hoodwink. The fact is, it is ICT4Business and the poor should be caused to buy! To hell with ICT4D at the moment! Africa, Welcome I4D Information for Development.
Urgent Call to have information literate citizens -Part nth are on the way. I haven't forgotten. The portion is being concocted!

Benny Hinn came to Uganda! Just a spit away, he came! I didn't hurry to attend his crusades nor find the miracle and annoitings. Why bother? Why did he vow never to perform miracles to a live television audience? I am a tele-christian. No more offerings! These prophets buy Humvees, gulf stream jets and cream suits using the lord's offerings!

Nigeria vs Uganda! Part one was so painful. Uganda was robbed 1:0 For the first time I had to hate the Nigerian team. Kanu! Kanu scored their legitimate goal while the the ref was a thug. He cancelled Uganda's legitimate goal!
Part 2! Kanu begins by promising aid to the Uganda Heart Foundation through his Kanu heart Foundation! He thought Uganda's hearts needed to be well attended to. He was about to wreck our hearts again! So bad for him! Uganda won! 2:1. It was another tele-entertainment and revenge! Kanu had prepared to be hospitalised in Uganda!

Uganda matyrs day! June 3rd I didn't attend! Saw no need to. Thank God, I Am not so religious perhaps. Some trekked miles to Namugongo but from the backyard of my swamp, it didn't cross my mind to go Namugongo. These fellows were disrespectful to an African king. Now we call them matyres! Sorry if you are a weak hearted religious fellow! I am not! The day is just for shrewd good business!


The 27th Comrade said...

Heh. I was on the verge of going to Namugongo, just to see the magnet that draws so many people ... but the pushing, shoving, squeezing; me no like.

You really love to exclaim!, eh?

Henry Owera said...

Comrade! You are an editor! EDITOR! EDITOR! You are such a keen editor. You caused me to reread the article and you couldn't have been more right! I have therefore decided to reedit the exclaimations! No more exclaimations. Am off to see the communist.

Owora said...

Fighting your own feelings and desires will never set you free from knowing the truth about God.

Do you need a humvee, a private jet....??? Ask God, follow God and not BennyHinn. If you think your money goes to him.... - sorry he is a blessed man. Be well equipped to listen to his teachings from the TRUTH - THE WORD not ....