Saturday, June 30, 2007

1 Sudanese Pound = half U.S. dollar

Could the Sudanese pound be the strongest African currency against the US Dollar? US $= 2 Sudanese Pound!

The old Dinar is no more! The Old Sudanese Pound has been buried! Welcome the New Sudanese Pound! Show them what you must! Bring peace!

I hope this currency can bring about peace in the much troubled parts of Sudan - from Southern Sudan to Northern Darfur, Malakal, Nuba Mountains, .... - even in the face of the much cursed presence of Oil wells, Diamond, Gold, Timber and business opportunities in African nations! Bring the promise (New) Sudan. Welcome July.

I salute Cdr. 1st. Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, SPLA/M, VP Dr. Riek Machar, the people of Southern Sudan and all who were true to the liberation of the marginalised of the marginalised. My tributes also goes to the heros of freedom and liberty in the Sudan! My tribute to Cdr. Dr. John Garang, and also to the unsung hero, the one Cdr. always consulted, respected and saluted by all: Cdr. Gbutala. Here is an eulogy the other great unpublished, unsung, unknown, and yet a hero of the liberation movements of Sudan.


(A poem by Africano Mande, Southern Sudan)

There lies the MAN,
There rests the pride of nation,
The symbol of a cause,
In the yards of Maridi

Behind you,
Maridi still sings that,
You are the departed,
We are returning the soil,
When your are not in sight.
Maridi will still hold your spirit.

I will live to sing kudos,
For the nation to know,
For the children to commemorate,
For the pride of Maridi,
That not pledges,
Have tamed and derailed you.
Your past is free from guilt and apologies,
It gave gentle radiance with ideal.
Your struggle is free from shakedown,
It excelled you into the MAN.

Your will,
Is indestructible.
Your philosophy,
Consistent with reality.
Your vision incumbent.
Westerners in the west,
Southerners in the south.
Called it natural reality and maturity.

As a living,
The oppressors built you up against their will and objectives,
Into a hero.
Your spirit denounced by them,
The vision detained,
But I promise that,
The generation will pick up your fallen spear,
To announce your spirit and free your vision.
I promise,
No sand,
No wind,
Will bury your footsteps.
No history,
Will out live yours.
No mind,
Will change your philosophy.
Your memory
Will give light to the blind.

With this post I welcome July 2007. May you bring the promises! Bless Uganda. Let me see similar blessings in Southern Sudan, Darfur and world over....

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The 27th Comrade said...

Sometimes a strong currency - especially for exporting economies - is pretty bad. I guess they have a plan to de-value it carefully with time.