Monday, June 25, 2007

Free Computers to Africa

Free! Because that is the suitable catch phrase for dumping outdated computers to Africa! Dumping, Yes! Dumping because these computers are stone age old, monstrous consumers of our inadequate electricity, with snail fast processors and worthless specifications.

These are hoped to accelerate the (under)development of Africa! The developed countries might have realised that it was far much cheaper to donate outdated computers to Africa, and her rural communities than try to dispose off these toxic gadgets in their tiny countries without endangering their environment! Africa has to will to receive these kind donations! We receive naively! Maybe they give naively too! We (we and them) might be adding to Africa's woes!

Here is a reality bound for Kenya. Similar ones are already in Uganda and soon in Southern Sudan!

Outdated computers bound for Africa
: Kenyan researchers will use laptops to aid water analysis
Twelve laptops that have reached the end of their use in the North Hunterdon/Voorhees Regional High School District will soon make their way to Kenya.

That was ICT and environment. Now I ask, where is the wisdom we have lost in ICTs? How many National ICT strategies for African countries? And whose ICT strategy? Ours or their corporations?


The 27th Comrade said...

All donations are bad. All. This is not only bringing cadmium and the like into our environment, it is also stifling any chance of some enterprising African/Ugandan to set up a computer-manufacturing plant.

Pure crap.

Henry Owera said...

True! No country has developed on handouts! I bet they have murdered your opportunity to setup a computer manufacturing plant! Perhaps you may try computer assembly plant! Otherwise, they are helping us pollute our environment!