Monday, April 30, 2007

PICTURE Africa! Ugandan Bloggers and the Danish Factor

PICTURE Africa is an acronym for Poverty and Information and Communication Technology in Urban and Rural East Africa. PICTURE Africa is a three year study in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. It is being funded by the IDRC. On Monday the 23rd April 2007, I met Kathleen Diga, from the International Development Research Centre IDRC. Katheen is the person behind the blog Picture Africa. Discussions were centred on issues regarding a communication strategy for the PICTURE Africa Project. We, later attended a joint meeting of teams from PICTURE Africa Project and Research ICT Africa (RIA) before finalising with PICTURE Africa Country team members. True! A Communication strategy has to be developed and implemented! Some pictorials at her post.

Ugandan bloggers
On Sunday, I had the chance to meet some faces behind the Ugandan blogsphere and the Danish students doing a documentary on Ugandan bloggers. Thanks to Dennis Matanda of the Call for the African Recolonisation fame.
Dennis was the idea behind the romantic atmosphere at Joglo, paid all the swine meat bills and accompanyment! A big thank you Dennis! Bloggers! Hips don't lie! Ugandan bloggers, FDC and UPC bloggers inclusive - I don't see the NRM bloggers!, love their bottle, love to flirt, have fun, chat, smoke and locate the g' spot! A blogger is about to fix or marry another in Uganda! A Ugandan tribe is being developed! Ugandan bloggers shall be a force to reckon with!

I left early. I had to! I had to babies sit! And now I say bye bye to the Danes. Come back again! The documentary! Thank you Ugandan bloggers who were there: S.A.G.E , Country boyi, I have left Copenhagen for Uganda! Feed me, love me, never leave me Carlo All sweetening hats who came Rumbling and Rubbish, you should also meet this Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean Dennis Matanda!


The 27th Comrade said...

You know, I think you are the one I was told about. The guy who asked for me ... I missed out on the pork. A curse on my head. :o(

Henry Owera said...

True! Liar! I don't know! One thing for sure I need to add a human face to the the 27th comrade

Dennis Matanda said...

Henry, you have nothing to look forward to in that face - the 27th One I mean! But then that is another story.

Sunday was amazing - and thank you for coming.

Before I forget, I owe you airtime. I could not send it because of my phone being barred and all. You will get it anytime.

You missed the women leaving ...

digtabulous said...

Hi, Henry, thanks for the mention on your blog! I look forward to what you produce with PICTURE Africa and I know they will appreciate all your efforts greatly! Keep me in the loop! kathleen

Henry Owera said...

Kathleen, you will be in the loop! You are doing the Project great!