Monday, April 16, 2007

Mabira! Good governance my hoof!

Uganda has a daddy! He is giving away his legacies and Mabira forest! His out-law intends to grow sugar cane! Ugandans may demonstrate and die but planting a natural forest is quite easy!
Crazy as it might seem, the inevitable is deemed to happen! And if I were to believe the editors at the The Monitor, then M7 either has a unique vision or cares less if not both! Has Museveni really decided to give away Mabira.
"As to the courts, the judges are not the ones who liberated Uganda. Their vision can not be superior to the one of freedom fighters...those are my views and stand."
If such an excerpt is one from a president's letter to his premier, then fadal! Welcome to the reality in Uganda. With three Ugandans dead, Ugandans seeming like racist pigs for attacking Ugandans of Indian origin, and daddy my hoof still bent on awarding the forest to his environmental outlaw by popular opinion, then the out cries to save Mabira have yielded nothing but highlighted the leadership credentials of a despot in a banana republic!

From the Information Society perspectibe, I too ask! Where are the Ugandan bloggers and websites? My verdict is that Uganda has a hand full of bloggers and that 99p.c of Ugandan websites are failures one way or the other! Environmental websites in Uganda like the website of NEMA, and that of ACODE can not be relied upon to provide online timely information on what should be their niche in the fight to save Mabira - Mabira updates! There are afew Ugandan bloggers and most are sleeping as a group of Danish students could honestly say!
"We would like to get in touch with Ugandan bloggers to learn more about why they blog and what blogging can do - what kind of opportunities does blogging create for communicating in Uganda, and to the rest of the world? What effect does it have on Ugandan society, if any? We are the amateurs, and we need help from the professionals - you, the Ugandan bloggers. Only you can tell us what blogging means to you."


The 27th Comrade said...

Actually, I don't know if there is any real reason to trust that the President actually wrote that. If you knew as much as I do about the workings of the Monitor vs. the workings of the Government, you would always want a twentieth opinion when you see anti-Museveni stuff in the papers. Not that it isn't true. But not that it is right, either.

Plus ... did you say most Ugandan bloggers are sleeping? Hmm ... clearly, you are not scared of pitching a war.

Henry Owera said...

27th Comrade, the Ugandan bloggers might be sleeping! I dare sayso! You might not be sleeping but try and hunt down Ugandan bloggers! But then, who is a Ugandan blogger!? Should we call a Sudanese in Juba for instance but blogging about Uganda a Ugandan blogger!? Pitching a war in the Ugandan blogshere is a good thing! Am off to your blog!