Friday, April 20, 2007

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African leadership is a puzzle! Understanding the ways of African leadership is like trying to analyse the chess moves of the great Gary Kasparov! Gary is alone in his world! You might not be good enough to understand what he does! But see! He is the world's undisputable Super Chess master! Museveni could be the equivalent in the political development in Uganda! He will win! The grandmaster rarely loses his knight for naught! There is a wonder move behind!

Just when I thought the Mabira controversy had incensed Ugandans, His Excellency breaks things down in the New Vision as if to say: Before you make nonsense over this Mabira thing, Look! I gave away this, that and those and you didn't complain that much . You dare disrupt me!

Below is an excerpt and its URL in today's New Vision! It is a good read!

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Yoweri Museveni

Why I support Mabira give-away to Metha

By Yoweri Museveni

You must have been following the controversy surrounding our decision to give some forest land to the manufacturers. There are three forest lands that have, so far, been given out to the manufacturers. These are:
- Some land in Kalangala for BIDCO, the palm oil project;
- Some forest land in Mabira for Mehta to expand his sugar operations; and,
- Earlier on, we had given the planted forest at Namanve for an industrial park.
I have been involved in these land allocations. Why? It is on account of the urgent need for industrialising our very backward but rich country in terms of natural resources and raw materials.


The 27th Comrade said...

Unfortunately, your post is a stark example of how the general opposition thinks. You took the intro to the article and put it here. The intro, taken alone, is misleading. You seem to imply that he was bragging about it. Wrong.

Read the whole article. And, if one should reach a conclusion from your post, put more than just 1% of the article. We may have issues with him, but what happened to fairness? For all that he is, I don't think he is a psycho, and I think it should be our mark to give the guy a chance to talk. That you've not heard anybody but himself supporting what he is doing doesn't mean that his party is empty, but that we are generally being blocked from his point of view the same way you have blocked your readers.

Why is it that we don't give him any freedom of speech, and then we go off on our blogs about freedom of speech?

Henry Owera said...

The 27th Comrade! I am apolitical! Am more of an activist than a politician! I too don't think that M7 is a psycho! Did I say that any where in my post!? NO! On the contrary M7 is a genius! Lets agree! M7 is his party! I don't know of an instance in which his party opposed him!
M7 point of view in Uganda can not be blocked as long as he is a President and CIC of the UPDF! He has all the neccesary apparatus at his disposal! Media Centre, New Vision, name it! No one can block the point of view of any other person!
However, I must say M7 has a (I add unique)vision for Uganda like he has always said! No one else has a similar vision! Sarcastic isn't it!

Equating M7 and indeed African leadership with the great Gary Kasparov of the Deep blue fame is no mean feat! Dear comrade! Analysing m7 and Gary Vs Deep Blue game is not a baby task!

Dennis Matanda said...

Henry, after reading your article, I went away feeling a lot like I had been to an incomplete propaganda party. If you are the analyst you say you are, I would have expected your take on this overall feeling of Museveni and his genius.

Related to that, I do not necessarily think that Museveni is a genius. Its a very simple phenomenon and African people have failed to see that its the same game played out across the continent. Mugabe in Zimbabwe does it, Obasanjo tried to do it, Muammar Gaddafi does it - they all, in essence come into power, become the institutions they are supposed to protect and suddenly, everyone thinks that they are the Government and the Government is them. That is the reality and no one needs to marvel at the President's genius.

Interestingly, because I have closely interracted with the President, I know his game. He does his research and because he has a nark for information, he overpowers anyone with his 'intellect' and soon, with his charm as well, people are eating out of his hands.

That is not genius - at the level of Deep Blue. That actually is just personal charm. Some people are gifted with that.

Again, I believe that this analysis you gave above in your comment should have come out in your article.

I will be watching you.

Henry Owera said...

Dennis, I like the discussion you have outlined! How I wish the propaganda party were complete! Never theless thanks for the input.

I don't do a propaganda for any opposition. And neither will I for any government! Trust me on this as you trust our leaderships! Moist oppositions in Africa with blessings for the North eventually become the governments of the day! It is a cycle! Indeed a game for presidency so easy to manupilate!

I wish there was a standard measure for being a genius! And pls allow me to call all geniuses because you are also right! They are not! Dennis, you are a genius!

Dennis! African heads of state are for there for the Presidency and associated benefits and not leadership with its associated sacrifices!

Nelson Mandela was a president and is still a leader! Other heads of government are as controverial as they as geniuses. Leaders? or despots? Hitler, Gaddafi, Moi, Nyeree, Shaka the Zulu, our very own Kabalega of Bunyoro kingdom, Muwanga of Buganda, ... and "swines" - (I would add: past and future)past leaders of Uganda as M7 put it!

On a personal note, am a fun of your articles in the Ugandan press! I will be watching you too! I like the fact that M7 does his research! I only hope he is not misled by the falsehoods that also make part of his research.