Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back in Kampala and a New dad!

After adventuring in Juba, Southern Sudan, I have happily returned to Kampala, Uganda. I travelled to Juba on the 2nd of Febrauary 2007 and returned on the 1st of March 2007. Happy New Year! Alot has also happened!

Guns! Brisk business! Constructions! Tents! Want for water and rest rooms! Dollars and Pounds! No thieves. Cruel! Yes! and too hot then! Thieves!? No! Juba is safe! The militant Southern Sudan has created a situation I would call "a balance of terror" and created numerous opportunities for minting money! It is a gold mine! But there is the gun! It is as if everybody in Juba knows the gun! Everyone can terrorise each other! Thugs are evils of our modern time! Every is busy! No room for leisure! Very expensive a place! Very low standard of living! Everything is makeshift!

It seems Southern Sudan is in another solar system in development! Juba and indeed Southern Sudan needs a sustainable development master plan to convert the large village called Juba to a city and bring development to the wilderness called Southern Sudan! More on Juba another time! One message! See Juba for your self to believe! Dare for the truth!

Back in Kampala! I returned to Kampala on the 1st of March 2007 well aware I was about to become a father! Well on March 20th 2007 I became a father of two little girls! Pics!? Soon! Names!? Wait!

I have to be grateful to Alpha Bravo, Alpha Mike, Delta Mike, ... and co! Thank you! Alpha Kilo, Hotel Oscar Oscar, ... you are friends indeed!

Yes I have returned and looking forward to returning to the Sudan some day. Behold! I am a father! There is a place called Juba!
Little Sis! Esther! In Algeria! I must blog it that you, the last born, are an Auntie to Colette and Claudia Bakita Owera!

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