Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mayflies! Here is an opportunity for you!

The sun may be great but of recent, the same sun that sets in the West, chose to set at noon. I must give note: These are trying moments for a citizen of the age in Uganda. Two notable gallant sons of Uganda have died and were buried in a space of a week! RIP Hon. Eng. Dr. Okullo Epak. RIP PS Brigadier General Noble Rwaboni Mayombo.

But then there was the Labour day! May the first. I must make quality gains for my services. I chose to observe the last Labour day by setting some terms!
  • Do things myself!? Always and should! Yes! Because I can and can learn!
  • Available for Non Profit jobs? Yes! Every thing to do with NGOs, Programmes, Projects, Information, Communication, Information Technology, PR, knowledge Management and of recent M&E. Ask for my CV.
  • Private Professional Consultancy? Yes! Here are some terms:
What - Information and Communication, PR, Systems, and research.
When - Then, Now, whenever and forever.
Where - Uganda, Southern Sudan, and East African region for 2007-2008
Yes!? Okay! Email me!
  • Jobs without pay! Maybe! I am a professional! Pay me for my professional services.
  • Voluntary position? I will always weigh!
  • Job without Terms of Services nor defined Terms of Reference! Never! Did You hear me scream!? No!? Ok! NEVEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ... Did you hear me! Oh Thank you! I fell shouldn't retard my professional development ever!
  • Period


Owora said...

Well done!!! I have thus set my thoughts to understanding why any human being would want to use and use and not pay for what he has used!!!

Bravo my brother, keep assuring them least they forget that you are worthy each and every penny of your efforts and time.

Just like you, i get pissed off with guys who take others for granted.

Henry Owera said...

True! a prince must get his due when he wants it and must do meaningful assignments!