Monday, April 23, 2007

Confused in the Information Age

Two things can never be the same! Information Science and Informatics can not be the same! The avalanche of information and terminologies in the Information Society, Information Age and related academic university offerings could have created a mist in understanding the development of the age! What is what!?

I, be but one information professional, feel that Information Science and Informatics is one such mist! I sought some answers from a colleague a colleague, fellow collegian and professional and a friend working as the Librarian at the Institute of Infectious Disease. What is the difference between Informatics and Information Science? Can the task of all librarians at a Medical instute be termed Health Informatics?

From the Wiki Answers, I begged for an answer! I paused a question to the WikiAnswer thus: What is the difference between Information Sciences and Informatics!

Please Answer this question by clicking the New Wiki Question generated! Anselm thanks for your in put!


The 27th Comrade said...

Hmm ... nice question here.

What I know is that ... in French, the job title we call `Computer Science' is called `Informaticien'. Or, in English, `Informatician'. Someone who deals with information? I dunno. Is that the root of `Information Technology'? Hmm ...

Keep us posted when you get the answer!

Plus, what do you call one from Niger? Nigerien? Nigerian? And from Nigeria? Nigerian. :oD

Henry Owera said...

Dear 27th Comrade, your question is a hard one! aha aha!

I have my opinion on what Information Science is and what Informatics is! ofcourse you too have one! One thing for sure they must different on the principle that two things can be the same!

The confusion is too broad! Should a type writer be called an Information Technology! What about a piece of paper and a blue pen!?

I will keep you posted on the quagmaires that characterises the information age!