Monday, July 28, 2008

Democracy is bad for national unity

To hell with democracy. Africa should look out for effective leadership and not not merely pretend to democratization. Leadership need not necessarily be popular and nor pro west and against East. The end justifies the means! Leadership should lead to a destination just and right even if 99% disagree. Where is the leadership we've lost in democracy?

My colleague and school rival turned friend Wanyama dug insightfully. Wanyama inscribes that Governments of national unity are bad for democracy. Salam Taki agrees. Similar sentiment here, here and shall disagree with him and perhaps also disagree with those who glorify democracy. Henry Owera asserts that democracy is bad for national unity and world stability.

While commenting on the emerging trends of coalition governments in Kenya, and now Zimbabwe, one wouldn't agree any less with the political Ugandan blogger Wanyama:
... Curiously, it is the West fronting this mode of election dispute resolution in Africa. It should be rejected totally.
... On the surface, this looks a juicy deal; but deep down it is a total travesty to justice and democracy.
... looking at this new fashion ... it is obvious that Africa is slowly murdering the purpose of elections.
There should be no middle line between democracy and totalitarianism. Call it the West but specifically these are imperialists who stand to gain from projecting their hegemonies! Rejection is the not enough. Abandon the entire project.Lets abandon democracy as it is defined by certain powers. Democracy has become bad for national unity.

Democracy has become an illusion and it kills prospect of good intentioned independent leadership in Africa. Democracy is about popularity and the especially a yes node from the West. It is not about quality of representation. Democratization in Africa has become the new litmus test for whether an African leadership agree with imperialists and there by ignores the need for effective leadership for Africa by Africans or not!

Democratization in Africa is creating puppet leaderships of African leaders. A leader is only democratic because the West says so.

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