Thursday, July 17, 2008

Let management realise the new lords

In South Sudan's GoSS salary structure, IT pretender professionals earn about US$ 400 per month, support entire enterprises and a government might not be bothered. How much are these marketable pretenders services worth within a government salary structure so that they may stay put and not rush away to NGOs to earn better pay?

No one will condone the to be mentioned but how much are ICT experts worth? Let see how much: Denial of service access in a network. In a nutshell, that less.
A disgruntled city computer engineer has commandeered a new multi million-dollar computer network, altering it to deny access to top administrators even as he sits in jail on $5 million bail.
Back to Africa: Multi million dollar information systems are being developed in South Sudan, Uganda and in Sub Saharan Africa. How much can a sub nation risk with information systems? But who are the experts [Read: ggooddss] behind the ICT based systems? Answer: Foreign consultants whose backgrounds are not even know but entire government business information and communication systems rest at their disposals.

What is more valuable than money in a banking system? How can one win a war without firing a single shot? The answer to these can be found in Data, information and communication. And this answers how much ICT specialists are worth. They are their own bosses many times.

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