Monday, June 30, 2008

Zimbabwe and a fallacy democracy

Whatever is happening to Zimbabwe is a timely reminder that mankind is been hoodwinked. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. Democracy as some define it is effectively a flawed project. It is high time its alternative is sought. After spending 27 years of his prime in prison the US finally finally removed Nelson Mandela from its list of terrorisst as the terrorist against apartheid clocked 90 years. If Mandela was a terrorist, one wonders which list Mugabe is in.

The current situation in Zimbabwe is a reality of a needed reform seemingly corrupted, not so popular but which perspective the US, UK and cronies' wish to impose on the world can no longer go unquestioned. Mugabe should have shit some where but let the truth also be said, the UK stance is rather stupid as they know, the US' involvement being just pathetic. As long as the West and North enjoy the duopoly of deciding when it should be called a democracy as it suits their egoism in Sub Saharan Africa, portray what was forged for Iraq and call it democracy, Salam Taki is afraid the issue called democracy should be redefined as a government by the US for the US in Sub Saharan Africa. Please puke. Let us puke. Puke or else swallow a puke.

Mugabe: Zimbabwe's hero and also villain. You minute being in Zimbabwe and swine see you in a rat hole.

The UK, the coloniser: Don't you know the shit you left in Zimbabwe as regards land? See what you have now made of Mugabe.

The US, the so called international community and the crook: Your superpower is not arguable but that you are failing in leadership and peddling lies is a known reality. Please don't drag the world into rot.

Tsvangirai, not fit to lead Zimbabwe: For wishing to be made president of his motherland by foreign powers thereby failing to put up a spirited fight for his people, he rushed into the very comfort of Dutch hospitality, abandoned the solidarity and forgot he wasn't alone in the struggle. Please check into stye please.

For the people in Zimbabwe, deep sympathies from a naive soul down nile. You deserve better and a leadership.

To the rest of the world: Hopeless. Isn't it true that the US, and UK want to impose their own version of democracy and impose a puppet leader in Zimbabwe who should undo what Mugabe did with land before the people of Zimbabwe can sigh a relief?

When presented with matters as intertwined as the Africa-Mugabe-Zimbabwe-UK-US dragging the UN into believing mentality, the world should seek out purer conscience and solve such crisis without wasting anymore lives in military and economic wars for sanctions. With Salam Taki still digging into the heart of the matter but faced with an avalanche of misinformation, disinformation, and a corrupted mass media, the heart of the matter might as well be the reserve of stone beings. Heal Zimbabwe.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you in your first paragraph regarding as to who should be on the US terror list. I really wonder who qualifies to be be on the list.
Mandela was a terrorist ? all that long ? is it bse he fought the white-skin ? Amazing !!!!
It suddened me.
As for the politics in Zimbabwe, Morgan isnt a whiteman's-purpet ! Beleave it or not ! on 29th March 2008, the people of Zimbabwe went for an election. And I dont need to tell you what happened.
The truth is that ZANU-PF knew who the winner was although the true outcome will forever remain a mistery.
Coming back to my beloved country Uganda, I strongly beleave (Like it or not) we have another "Mugabe ruling " With NRM historicals (including the Ugandan president declaring openly that they will never leave power no matter what the ballot says; this is another ZANU-PF.
I am not ashamed to say this and wouldnt mind going to court/Prison for expressing my love for the country here!
Minister Otafire has said it, President Museveni has said on several ocassions so has his counter part (Mugabe).
I am not a political analyst by the way and wouldnt mind being corrected on this.
In Zimbabwe we have ZANU-PF war loads pledging never to leave power, while in Uganda we have NRM Malicias toturing inocent citizens into submission; while in South-Africa the new ANC president has declared to whipe out foreigners and trust me he has so far been successful in fueling the recent bloody and deadly xenophobic attacks against foreigners.
I can hambly conclude that politics in Africa is the same.
What is Zimbabwe is similar to what is in Uganda, and South Africa is following the same trend especially with the ANC officialls declaring before the media that "they would kill for ZUMA (ANC president).


ng2000 said...

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darkmuse said...

The dialogue was good. I just never understood what it was over? who won?

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