Friday, July 18, 2008

ICC, Africa, UNO and Omar Bashir

If one cried out Allah would all understand? Lord! God! No human rights activist, Darfurian, South Sudanese, Ugandan and many think the person Omar Bashir shouldn't be indicted. The ICC's indictment of Sudan's President Omar Bashir, a sitting President in Africa is is not being supported but is being questioned and the ICC had better emerge with a better bill of health. This post takes a stance as if to plead for a certain bushir so here is a thought about governance, the ICC and world order and using the Sudan conflict, and a sitting President Omar Bashir case subject.

The people in Darfur, South Sudan, and Sudan have bore a wrath and among needs, need justice to be done. The ICC indictment of a sitting president to bring about justice unfortunately presents an awkward situation. Unfortunately one should not put ends to fires by setting fires nor oxygenating fires. One should not wound, red flag and corner a beast. Certain tact is needed to bring about security and peace in Sudan but the arrest and court hearing with an assured verdict doesn't seem ideal. The tact is ideal but a safeguard is that ICC had better act for itself and toe a proper path.

Bird of the same feathers: As if to side with Bashir wholly, some African and world leaders are skeptical of this indictment however criminal the president should be. To play it safe and diplomatically: The UNO and other international bodies are also against the indictment of a president of a UNO member country and in a world conflict hotbed. Regime change and undermining certain hemisphere leadership: Some mentality will seek to undermine some leadership. To end the regime and revenge: The victims and rivals should have stabbed the sky to the indictment. The rest: led by the media of their reach and choice. The ICC intention draws upon itself a scrutinizing and it better emerge with a better bill of health.

The ICC is attempting or could be experimenting and also setting a precedent for possible blueprint indictment against certain leaderships. The ICC seems also set to exercise its balls against some select leaderships / governments and nationals: - African, Middle Eastern (Minus Israel of course), East European countries (former Soviet blocks), some Orientals, and perhaps middle and South American leaderships. The ICC could be setting itself another role in international affairs. Changing some and courting other leaderships. One therefore does not see the same ICC pointing even a toe against a West European, North American, Russian and Chinese leaderships and nationals be it today nor in the furthest future. With all international organs in the North, the ICC had better not be a tentacle of any emerging world reordering!

It is needless restating the pity that the said bedeviled also happens to be one of the few privileged human beings, and a sitting president of one of the UN member countries. He is bitterly a sitting PRESIDENT and indicting him is not only setting precedents for indicting many other leaders but could be red flagging a beast. And in an opinion, such were the mistakes in the ICC's indictment against the sitting president of Sudan and awkward position and suspicions about the ICC.

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