Monday, July 21, 2008

Real pictures: The MIG-29 tactical fighters into Sudan

July 20, 2008 (WASHINGTON) Here are the real MIG-29 tactical fighters into Sudan recently shipped into Sudan as it was witnessed by the reputable Wasil Ali. Wasil Ali and Sudan are attempting to draw cheap popularity to their nonentity using sensual misinformation. Notice Wasil Ali's "nonentitiness". Wasil Ali MIG-29 in pictures: Misinformation packaged to look like facts.
Starting with groups of a half dozen which then unite to form a group of 20 to 30 and so on until the flock is quite large and noisy. It is their habit to return to the same place each night.
Source: An excerpt from Wikipedia about Scarecrows
Wasil Ali is engaging in an act of misinformation. Only the very gullible of gullible would think Wasil Ali is an entity and a top investigative journalist from Washington DC who chooses to publish sensitive news in the Sudan Tribune that Field Marshal Omar Bashir can import the said dozen MiG 29 even under the current world lime light the fellow finds himself in.

One may think Omar Bashir and his henchmen are intelligent enough to know whatever happened to the Saddam Hussein's in Iraq. It is an opinion that a Field Marshall what so ever will not want to entangle himself the more by attacking Darfur nor South Sudan using any more at the moment and that Wasil Ali could be yet another agent: a scarecrow.

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