Thursday, June 19, 2008

Khartoum MTN blocks Sim Card

It is not in business interest for any telecommunication corporation to the block sim cards of its hard earned customers. It is not just business in the face of competition. But in a case and by extension, believe that there is an ugly sheet in the Khartoum regime clamping down on its citizenery and people using telephony services registered in Sudan. All persons using mobile sim cards should register their personal details with service centers otherwise the service gets blocked. Salam calls this raping personal privacy.
Sorry, your account [Sim card] has been blocked. Please call our service center on 111. Thank you.
A service provider has complied and a people is angry. MTN Sudan has blocked a sim card this morning. The National Telecommunication Corporation being the supreme regulatory body in NIF's Sudan should be the accomplice arm in raping the privacies of telcom clientele on behalf of the Khartoum regime. National Islamic Front's current Khartoum regime, Sudan's National Telecommunication Corporation, and MTN Sudan in that order are the rapists.

It might not be ideal but many are exchanging their personal details , paying a surcharge of over US $2.o to unlock a sim card that was blocked for non registration in Sudan. Pay for the rape.? And for those who chose not to trade their personal details even as their sim cards remain blocked, an information society rights activist salutes your. Registering does not guarantee that a sim card may not be blocked for other reasons especially political. Salute to all the defenders of rights in the information society.

After defiling and molesting Sudanese in South Sudan, Darfur, Nuba Mountain, East Sudan and counting, the NIF regime is desperate. It has to clamp down on all oppositions, SPLM/A, JEM, SLA/M, and nemesises in Ugandans, Eritrea, Ethiopian and all those international community that disapprove of its retardation policies. The telecommunication industry is being used with an effect as Salam Taki rose up to a good morning with a telecommunication reality in the Sudan.

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