Monday, June 16, 2008

Khartoum telecom surveillance service

Hullo, this is customer care [Khartoum] shall you avail us your full names i.e the four names: your two names, your father's name and grand father's name. Please also avail your passport number, nationality and the block number or plot number of your residence. Thank you.

Persons in Juba are receiving similar calls, and demands as if the wonderful government of Khartoum was going to provide a service. Some have complied and others have refused to comply. This is yet another infringement on the rights of the citizens of the information society in the troubled Sudanl. Persons in Juba are receiving similar calls, demands and the failure to comply warrants blocking the blocking of services to you hard bought cell phone and simcard. Sudan is fast becoming a surveillance failed state. The customer centers have taken yet an ugly role.

A government that has terrorised its own citizens in South Sudan, Darfur, Blue Nile and in the Nuba mountains is attempting to secure you might know whom. The CPA, and the GoSS arrangement spelt a direct war ceasefire but the indirect war continues. The war not yet over. The telecom crackdown service is testimony to this. The following networks in Sudan (South Sudan) are affected: Sudani, and Mobitel (= Zain = Celtel). Gemtel might not be affected as of now since it uses the Uganda country code +256 although it is about to revert to the +249 country code of Uganda. With what is happening, Gemtel may as well rethink a position.

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darkmuse said...

Hold on guyz, we're with you. Your government are idiots, you know it. Wish only goods for you

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