Saturday, June 14, 2008

South Sudan erazing New Sudan identity

Sudan suffered and continues to suffer an identity crisis. During Sudan's turbulent wars, many in and outside Sudan identified with the SPLM political party and its army, the SPLA's wars against marginalization. Though some parties disagreed and were not in the SPLM /A bandwagon, they truly shared the pain of the marginalized Sudanese and as such easily recognized symbolisms though SPLM /A in origin as being true of an our struggling in the Sudan and were one in solidarity. The marginalized Sudanese identified with related wars, icons, political party, army, flag, an ideology and a number plate. Anyanya 1 and 2, John Garang, SPLM / SPLA leadership, SPLM/A flag, New Sudan Vision and the NS number plate.

A symbolic flag of the John Garang - Salva Kiir concept of the New Sudan that has gone through two wars and two peace agreements sheltered many behind it for an alternative system of governance and hope. An NS number plate was being issued by the determined SPLM - SPLA administration and in solidarity, these number plates were plying East Africa freely because East Africa easily identified NS with the marginalized of the marginalized of the Sudan. Such symbolisms continued to identify and unite a people culturally diverse and spread over an area thrice the size of Uganda, facing many challenges, walking the tightest of a rope but in a solidarity towards comprehensive peaceful existence for socio-economic, political and technological development in the Sudan.

However, there is the ongoing destruction of an identity of a people with cultures so diverse - the NS number plate and this has some probable negative consequences and a political ill could be also be behind it. This is the focus of this post.
Speaking to Sudan Radio Service by phone from Juba on Tuesday, Southern Sudan Traffic Police Director, Major Gordon Micah Kur, explained how the new changes for car registration are being effected. “Each state has SS for southern Sudan then you have the two abbreviations for that state, for example, Jonglei state, we can say SS for southern Sudan then flag of southern Sudan then JS or Jonglei state, for Lakes state it will be SSLS, for Central Equatoria State, it will be SSCES."
Salam Taki. Here it is:
Some states in southern Sudan say they will only allow cars with their state’s plates numbers to operate in their states. The Director of Traffic Police said that cars bearing a plate of another state are free to enter any of the 10 states of southern Sudan, but the owner should register his or her car in the state where they live. Source:
Whereas the SPLM /A continue to hold the mantle to realizing the aforementioned aspirations, and whereas the police is supposed to create law and order, it is sad that in the face of the same SPLM /A - GoSS arrangement, the act of banishing the NS number plate and starting a meaning less numbering system during this trying moments could be laying a foundation for intra South Sudan states targeted violence, and it is a concerted erosion of the New Sudanese national conscious, common purpose and symbolic identity being orchestrated by and among Southern Sudanese, and against many Sudanese.

The efforts of the SPLM/A and the New Sudan response to a failing nation Sudan is as a result being discredited to the Sudanese, regionally, to the international community and even to the same South Sudanese. SPLM might want to reconsider such act because somebody somewhere and not so kind is being let off the hook. The CPA, and the GoSS arrangement spelt a direct war ceasefire but the indirect war continues. The revolution is yet to begin and there is a party that is an interested party to mischief for South Sudan but which non human symbolism will survive and continue to be a symbol of a people so alienated in their own Sudan?

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