Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ministry of ICT Uganda Website

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Uganda came into effect in the year 2006 BC. Two years down the lane, nothing positive and concrete can be credited to the ministry which is trying to find its standing among giants namely the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), the Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Uganda Broadcasting Council, among others which were the erstwhile performing role that the ideal Minstry of ICT should be known for. Castigating the ministry in such light is not the purpose of the post though.

Here is the issue: From 2006 and today is 2008, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MoICT) in Uganda hasn't a web presence to boast of. Well one may claim that the ministry is still being setup, that the bureaucracies in civil governments could be taking its toll on the full of pace ministry, and many lamenesses for excuses. But look, the said ministry asked for not so little money and only used less than 20% of what it requested for. And with about US$ 800, 000, 0000 unspent, one is also unable to find a mere website for the ministry. Lets quote an article posted to the web 22 April 2008 and authored by one Mary Karugaba: Uganda: ICT Ministry fails to utilise Sh. 5bn
The ministry has generally under-performed. It raises question on underutilisation of resources and under staffing in the sector. [ICT] Committee Chairman, [Parliament of Uganda] [Hon.] Edward Baliddawa.
The MPs also demanded to know why the ministry had not recruited workers given that the Cabinet had approved the staffing structure in 2007.
Grace Tubwita (NRM) and Baliddawa also demanded to know who would take responsibility for the unspent funds.
Hon. Edward Baliddawa is one of the ICT champions ever in the Uganda august house. The other being Johnson Nkuuhe. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MoICT) notable key staff are Dr. Ham Mulira, the Minister; Mr. Alintuma Nsambu, the State Minister and Mr. Albert Mugumya, the Undersecretary. ICTs should go beyond the hype and cash. The ministry needs to put its act right, give a website and it is service deserving of the establishment. For all the woes, Salam Taki continues to enjoy due internet traffic if not but the Salam Taki article with key words ICT, Information and Communication Technology, Minstry, Minster, Uganda. The URL of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Uganda is http:

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