Monday, May 12, 2008

Salam Taki SPLM convention, Khartoum attack, Yes New Sudan

Salam Taki: It is absurd that this site hasn't been updated through out the month of April year 2008! But let it be said. Salam Taki was being blogged using Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) internet resource but as of now as it was three weeks ago, the entire GoSS ministries have had not internet! It is an e-blackout! The blackout coupled with remote travels made it impossible for Salam Taki to be updated. Salam Taki goes now ...

An e-blackout? A government without internet connection must be dark in there and it is a mockery of a government that GoSS is. How can an entire government in the information age lack internet communication? How are they coordinating business? Imagine the US government without internet? Imagine a Rwanda without the internet. Add India, Malaysia and NASA without 21st century communication systems. Horrible stuff really. Lets look into the manner the second Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) convention is being organised.

The very first SPLM convention after the demise of Dr. John Garang, the more critical convention for the hope of a people, the only second SPLM Convention of all times, how would they organise and mobilise for it? How many delegates expected? Over 1,500. key stakeholder? A people so improvised by decades of war and yearning. Where? in Juba, Sudan. Where exactly? A cultural centre near a filthy customs area. Rate the convention organisation and mobilisation out of ten: 1.7 out of ten! 10.7%. Pun it and it is still alright, somebody should be fired, posters were seen being pinned on the d-day.

In the midst of the 2nd SPLM below par organisation, coordination and mobilisation, the Interim National Council (INC) meet which precedents the grand convention had to be postponed and so did the grander meet. That some delegates had not arrived yet. On a Saturday, when and near the venue where the INC meet was to take place, bulldozers were still seen demolishing Ugandans' market place structures at customs in the name of making a healthier environment out of filth. Hell dust raising, cholera in the neighbourhood, women rescuing their belonging, a man wonders and what does one later hear over BBC? Talk about taking Darfur to Khartoum. Khartoum, the fore safest city in Africa was under mortar attack.

So the INC meet was postponed and so did the grand strategy meeting of the people. The INC meet today 12th May 2008 and somewhere else home and away. The slogan? No for war yes for New Sudan. Beautiful slogan it isn't. Yes New Sudan. A New Sudan would heal the wounds of Sudan so goes the wish as one laments the tragedy that befell GoSS leadership in air crash.


The 27th Comrade said...

The GoSS was e-blacked-out? Well, sorry. But it shows that the structure of the government is resilient to an e-darkness, which is not a far-fetched possibility. Indeed, an over-reliance on the availability of the internet is a martial weakness.

So, behold, I see the light in this black-out! Pun it, and it is still alright. :o)

Salam Taki said...

Comrade, it was an e-blackout. Luckily today the 15th May 2008, the government finally got back their internet connection and the grander SPLM convention also kicked off.

But visit SPLM's 'official' website and you get the feeling that pun it still, it still be alright .... It is not reflecting whats on the ground. Draft some proposals. :|