Monday, May 19, 2008

As we mourn with China

Year 1998: My dear mum's leg is blown into tatters by a land mine made in they know wheres and planted by bedeviling agent supreme Mr. Joseph Kony.

Year 2008 and today while an amputee proper, Ms. Margaret Orech is today one of many many others who advocates that land mines should be banned from planet earth. And so should be in Dublin, Ireland.
The Dublin Diplomatic Conference on Cluster Munitions to negotiate a new instrument of international humanitarian law banning cluster munitions that cause unacceptable harm to civilians will take place from 19-30 May 2008.
- Micheál Martin T.D.,
Minister for Foreign Affairs
We need them land mines and cluster munitions and other unexploded ordinances banned from the surface of the world and here is the problem ... Mr. Brown is a Prime Minister of the United States of America.
Britain has been accused of being the main barrier to an international treaty that would ban cluster bombs, weapons responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians.

British soldiers fighting alongside American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq would face criminal prosecution if the government goes ahead with plans to sign a treaty limiting the use of cluster bombs ... (Source:
No brown lining expected even as we hopeless show solidarity with China's victims of the earthquake in Beichuan, Sichuan Province, China Monday morning, May 19, 2008.and so send condolences Salam Taki.

The earthquake was well beyond us and the banning of the cluster munitions, made by us - well them, we can ban cluster munitions if we so wish but the cluster munition nuisances are not in London, are not wrecking havoc in New York so two gentle nations' policy will not see the reason for banning them anyway. This is selfishness on the part of firstly, the United States of America, and secondly and potentially, Great Britain and allies.

Shame on you all who perpetuate havoc, abet terrorism of a kind and make the world a hell for thousand of others in Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America.

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The 27th Comrade said...

I'm truly saddened to hear what happened to your mother.

And even sadder at the fact that we are solving the wrong problems. Ban war, not some instruments of war. It doesn't even convince me for cluster bombs and land mines to be banned, when nuclear bombs are still in armories. Both these kill innocent women and children.

F**k war. F**k land mines. F**k human selfishness. F**k the hypocrisy to you point to, there.