Monday, May 26, 2008

Salam Taki Twittered

First: Twitter is amazing. It calculated yours trueness' popularity index! Uploading. It may take longer if you are popular. Cool. Me thinks Twitter is cool but will hesitate recommending it just as yet. Will experience it before recommending it. Soon!

Salam Taki has been twittered. Hopes that word is in the dictionary. If google is why not twittered the dictionary? Well with Salam Twittered, get a glimpse of what is happening in the course of the day and oh owerahbits. Kid sis is chatting me up, Mzee girl is online and still asking about twitter. She doesn't know how to get it ... permit Salam Taki twitter that ... hold ... twittering, twittering ... twittering finished. Salam Taki has twittered that! Thank you for the patience, its has been twittered ...

Well, I see twitter technology would be terrific for a news website not the current newspaper websites Uganda has in URLs and Twitter makes updating possible as it nearly happens. Imaging incorporating twittering with video - something akin to live television, you would wish to crash you TV set. A live show of your choosing. And ah! with broadband connection.

Oh yes, Salam Taki is twittered at URL


The 27th Comrade said...

I'm not sure I'll even ever join Twitter. I see myself getting hooked and losing productivity. :o)

Salam Taki said...

I can imagine you twittering using your cell phone, twittering using the ims, whatever trick you should be able to. Now will you twitter Space and her kittens?

True, I experimented twitter and oh yes, it is becoming more less gossip productivity is compromised.

But imagine a reporter twittering event via cell phone ... things are happening